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Transformers The Last Knight (2017) | Michael Bay’s Epic Failure

I went in with zero hopes to watch Transformers The Last Knight after being one of the victims to 2014’s epic debacle. I thought maybe Michael Bay might have learnt from his mistakes and upgraded himself even to a certain extent based on how bad the flick was. But I was dead wrong. I can’t believe how impossible it is for some people to change, or even try to bring in the winds of change.

Direction of Transformers The Last Knight

Michael Bay seems to have challenged himself on how bad he could go with the franchise and this is by far the worst. Transformers The Last Knight is all about Kabooms and twelve-year-old humour just like the last part was. The story is a complete dud trying its best to prod into our history to deliberately build up things that don’t make sense. And we come up with a nonsensical transforming jargon that has stopped to appear cool now. And Bumblebee fist bumping his chest has become so lame that it makes you want to abhor the guy who is even thinking stuff like that. I am going to just point all my fingers at our old friend Mikey here.

In a glint of seriousness, Michael Bay chooses to make a cheap shot at humour as if that’s what the audience was looking up to. To scathe the Merlin tale by choosing Stanley Tucci again in a different avatar, (oh! please he’s beginning to get on our nerves), is just outright pathetic.

still from transformers the last knight movie

Also, Bay decides to go with a sling at the father-daughter angle yet again by introducing Isabela Moner as Izabella into the tale. Her addition was like the most pointless thing ever. She doesn’t do anything in the entire flick. And is plainly there to remind Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) of how he used to be a father too.

The saddest thing probably is the number of times Optimus Prime reminds us of who he is.

I am Optimus Prime.

At one point you begin to wonder if he is indeed the smart ones in the whole Transformers unit.

Milked Enough?

Bay chooses to shoot the movie in all spheres from lithosphere to hydrosphere to atmosphere. You realize that and you know for certain that he must have come up with the idea when he couldn’t think of anything else. To make things more interesting of course. But that’s just as stupid as it sounds.

You can’t help but wonder if they will ever run out of stories to tell. But these stories have become so boring and monotonous that it’s pointless to even try. Every single movie we have seen the Transfomers talking about not coming back, or leaving for good but they always come back. Aarrrrgh……I think the transformers need to just really relax for good and leave us alone for a while.

Transformers The Last Knight like every other movie in the franchise is still miles away from ‘focus’. It is running forward with all the weird camera angles that Bay just loves to exploit.

I can’t believe why Mark Wahlberg has been still nodding to this franchise. Oh! Wait…the money. Almost forgot the fuel for every human being. That also explains why Bay can’t concentrate on his other projects like for instance last year’s 13 hours. It was pretty okay-ish if not good.

And why did Anthony Hopkins even sign up for this? That’s just too beneath him. His presence is pointless and he does all these pointless things that’s just hurtful to watch.

The Love Interest

It is funny how Bay never misses out on the spices that constitute his movie. It is like a formula he works upon in his lab where he always keeps the hotness quotient close by. This time playing the love interest of our protagonist is Laura Haddock who is every hot girl replacement ever. And you see, he chooses not to repeat these lovely ladies (except for Megan Fox) for the mere fact that audience would want something new. Hey! What about the protagonist?

Haddock is also primarily chosen so as to recreate that fun British-American cute rivalry so that people who haven’t somehow still heard such jokes a thousand times before could guffaw loudly in the theatre while you are trying to make sense of the flick.

You can watch it for the mere fact that you wish to stick loyal to the franchise if not to what Bay ended up making it. If not the story then at least the action would enthuse you.

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Deepwater Horizon Movie Review (2016) | Worst Oil Rig Disaster of U.S.

Deepwater Horizon is an account that highlights the work of a semi-submersible drilling rig in the U.S. waters and then follows it up to show the colossal disaster that swallowed it up. It was recorded as one of the largest oil spills in the history of U.S. that released more than 200 million gallons of oil into the ocean. The Gulf of Mexico witnessed the oil-fire take 11 lives in the process. The horrific event is still considered by many as one of the worst rig disasters of all times.

The Thing about Accidents

Accidents happen. They don’t walk in with an agenda. They are just there, and you can’t point your fingers at all the things that caused it, because sometimes it’s never in your control. But then there is leniency.

When people don’t do their jobs properly, when they skip work to relax a bit, and chill out wondering what’s the worse that could happen. That’s when the wrecking ball strikes, when you are lost in the sweet torpor of life.

Turn the pages of history, and see for yourself. Every gargantuan accident that has ever happened has happened because someone decided to slacken things, or someone simply misread a situation.

Tone of Deepwater Horizon

The fact that you are lenient and not wary enough always comes at a cost. So Peter Berg’s research shows. His findings find smug people to blame. And they are shown in that light, so you hate them even more. Hence, there is that smart mouth Vidrine portrayed by John Malkovich who receives the death stare from Jimmy Harrell played by Kurt Russell. I guess it was supposed to channel our hatred to the guy’s stupidity.

still of Kurt Russell as Jimmy Harrell in Deepwater Horizon movie

When you look at the broader picture, it shouts a different story. You can choose to look at it simply as nature’s punitive measure of getting too cosy with it. That way there isn’t just a human to blame but the entire race, that tries to fill their pockets consuming things that harms environment. But that again is a personal perspective.

Direction of Deepwater Horizon Movie

Skipping the issue at hand for a minute, and concentrating on the movie-making, Deepwater Horizon has been brilliantly manufactured. The first half of the movie sways with a solid build-up where Peter Berg is concerned more at depicting the positivity, showcasing blast people would have working at the drilling rig. He juxtaposes all the good energy with some ominous elements, in a way prepping us up for the accident that was inbound.

Then to depict man’s recklessness, he decimates what was so gorgeously built in the first half with classy strokes of stories that the rig survivors had narrated him. It is beautifully done. You rarely see his direction faltering at any juncture.

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When you see how uncontrived Berg’s direction is, it almost makes you feel home. With Mark Wahlberg, who plays Mike Williams by the way, chatting his way on the go, it almost makes you realize things are going to be just fine. The casting was brilliant in that sense. Also, Kate Hudson as Felicia was a pleasant addition to Mike’s story. It helped us to grasp things from her vantage too.

Aftermath (Spoilers ahead)

The best part is the aftermath, where I was most interested in. Where a scathed Mike Williams is engulfed in a deep shock. There are people trying to find their loved ones. Their worried faces will compel you to feel sorry for them, and yet Mike is in such a daze that he is unable to respond. There is a point where he crashes on the ground weeping that makes you revisit what he had just escaped. It’s weirdly satisfying and yet sad.

image of Mark Wahlberg as Mike Williams in Deepwater Horizon movie

Even though there weren’t many frames left after the catastrophe hit, it was pursued beautifully with names and pictures of the dead. It leaves you with thin residues of gloom.

The Final Verdict

At the end of the day, looking at Deepwater Horizon oil spill incident is entirely up to you. If you wish to sneak at it as a mere accident, or an apparent case of human mistake, you wipe it out as a one time thing. You can learn from your mistakes, of course, and pay more heed to safety issues. You promise to not forget the dead. I am pretty sure that’s what the Oil Rig industries have dusted themselves up from. Or you can simply look at it as:

“If you play with fire, you are gonna get burned.”

If you wear an environmentalist’s hat to look at it you will see how much pollution the spillage really caused. You can’t justify the work being done there in the first place. We could have really used a line with someone reflecting grimly – “Is nature really punishing us?”

When you focus on how natural the flick appears as a whole, you realize its film-making has been top-notch, and it is celebratory in itself. It is sad that mishaps happen and despite what you do it always has a way of showing up at odd hours, at times when you are least prepared.

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