Creed is fantastic. Ryan Coogler is an exceptional director. So he proves whilst taking beautiful and perfect long uncut shots. The best ones are the ones where he gives an impeccable follow up to Jordan by constantly staying behind him and during the fights wherein he changes perspective by dangling right next to the fighters. Knockout shots are gorgeous too as they have been given an abrupt closure and a splendid follow through.

“I am not a mistake.”

A brilliantly written plot which also runs into a sub-plot at one point. But the bottom line of the tale is that the Creed son is bent on proving himself to the world and he wouldn’t stop at anything to prove his genes. Period. Melodramatic scenes are brilliantly shot. The drama is deep. Screenplay outstanding! So many great words in there that are worth listening to. A little bit of humour has been thrown in to make the product look complete and to keep everyone interested. Fight scenes are arresting. A perfect take of how things really work in today’s boxing arena. The way the boxers enter into a mobile lit backdrop with a super-rad music is breathtaking. Watch out for the Conlan entry!

Balboa: The nicest trainer one could have ever asked for. Jordan’s walk towards the arena has been complemented endearingly by Balboa, as not even for a second he removes his hand from Jordan’s shoulders. Talk about support eh! His refined pep talks and soothing words constantly keep Jordan in game. His legacy isn’t lost at all. There are moments wherein praises are showered and things have been hinted from the past. Every bit subtly shown, not elongated to capture the new.

Johnson: He has surprised us all. From the trailers it was hard to tell, but somewhere inside we were feeling he wouldn’t be enough to fill them large Rocky shoes. But boy did he prove us wrong! With marvelous acting and striking diligence Johnson was forever on his toes filling the voids and holes that could have possibly been arising due to Rock’s retirement.

The Rocky franchise isn’t gonna die after all. With Creed in the vanguard things have gone into safe hands. Now we can die in peace!