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It Follows Review (2014)

No matter how far you go or how far you run, it follows. But just remember – it simply walks to you. So your best shot is to keep running. That or you could pass it on.

David Robert Mitchell’s horror tale is a perfectly written thriller buffed up quite beautifully by brilliant actors like Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Lili Sepe, Olivia Luccardi and Daniel Zovatto. The background score is simply outstanding and it gives an enthralling charm to the theme of the movie. Frequently used high notes that get exscinded often for emphasis complement the enactments quite impeccably.

Direction is simply outstanding. David chooses subtle ways to depict the mundane, like not for a second does he waste his frames on the protagonist’s family. Occasionally he would insinuate family members through photo frames, mirrored reflections, and blurred eyes, but he would never actually bring them into the vanguard for focus. David depicts how estranged one’s family becomes at a certain age, and manifests how they levitate in the background of a teenager’s life. His incessant single takes are top-notch. The rotating camera technique, the rear window view to capture crucial moments and the constant follow-through are a delight to watch.

One of the most wonderful things about the flick is that people close to the protagonist don’t simply pass into the oblivion. Unlike clichéd horror movies, they don’t become victims. They impart meaning to the word “friendship” by sticking together no matter what and by trying to overcome a problem at hand with pluck. Jay’s keen eye is captured marvellously as she watches trees, insects, shrubs, everything that brings her closer to nature. Societal imprints too are caught through the eyes of strangers in an exceptional way.

Screenplay is also very well written. The movie carries a brilliant gravity throughout its runtime which is furbished quite nicely by the occasional bad ass score that elevates the entire movie-viewing experience.

The flick ends abruptly at a high note that leaves the audience brooding. The closure is open to interpretation which deliberately forces your thoughts towards what’s impending.

An exceptional movie! But I am afraid, not for everybody. I am saying this because those who came in for a horror punch seemed disappointed and duped.

It Follows













  • Outstanding direction
  • Magnificent score
  • Good screenplay
  • Great plot
  • Brilliant acting by the cast


  • Not for everybody
  • Less of a horror flick

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