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Understanding the Timeline in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Movie

I am assuming a lot of you were left scratching your heads after watching the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children movie. Must be trying to figure out how loops really worked in the movie? The direction is to be blamed a little for that I surmise. You know, since the colossal significance of showing loop entries and exits was next to absent. Also, the surprise quotient that the flick should have tacked all along, never really came to fruition.

It goes without saying that the time theory is huge. To be stuck in a loop, to be able to relive a day over and over again is a concept that demands an ample amount of focus and time to process. I believe a 2 hour 7 minutes movie can’t really do a prodigious concept like that justice. Now since we can’t really wait for a TV show to watch things fall into place, let us make do in whatever little we have to work with.

I have explained how timelines in the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children movie worked here. So without wasting more time let’s get to it.

Timeline of Miss Peregrine Movie Explained (Major Spoilers)

Here is the timeline that explains how everything  fits in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children movie:

  • Before dying his grandfather Abe tells Jake to go to Cairnholm island to “find a bird in the loop of September 3, 1943”. The bird yes you guessed right, was none other than Miss Peregrine. Abe tells him to tell her about what happened.
  • Jacob follows the children in his Grampa’s stories into some caves. That’s when he enters the same time loop his Grampa had talked about before dying. The day of September 3, 1943. The same wretched day when Miss Peregrine’s house was destroyed by a German bomber too. But since Peregrine was a Ymbryne she could control time. They lived their everyday without growing old. (So, that insinuates if you come out of the loop you begin to grow normally, I surmise)
  • In an unfortunate turn of events an ornithologist Rupert Everett follows Jake to the cave where the loop entrance stood. He is able to enter it since he is a peculiar. It is also revealed that he was none other than Mr. Barron, the main antagonist himself.

still of the peculiar children from Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children movie

Close to 2016

  • He walks in Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children in her time loop of Sep 3, 1943 demanding her to come to his loop, which as a matter of fact Miss Avocet (Judi Dench) had created in Blackpool. It is also the time loop where his immortality experiments were being performed in the year 2016. The loop is 6 months old from the present day with the date: January 11, 2016.
  • Miss Peregrine is abducted in her Ymbryne form and taken away by Baron. Children encounter a Hollow that tagged along with Baron. Owing to the absence of the Ymbryne Miss Peregrine, the German bomb falls closing their 1943 time loop forever. It cannot be reset.
  • The clueless children then decide to help Miss Peregrine by going to Blackpool. The same location had a loop entry point for January 11, 2016 the time loop where Barron had taken Miss Peregrine. They make a theatrical entry into the year by taking a titanic ship to the Blackpool port.
  • Remember while making that journey to Blackpool, Emma breaks it to Jake that since Miss Avocet is dead that Blackpool loop can’t be reset. That would mean the loop would close and then time would become real time. Meaning Emma and the children would have to go to their time, (if not then they might die with as “time catches up”) even though Jake could continue to thrive as a normal person in 2016.

The Final Showdown

  • The final show down, the big event where skeletons of Enoch O’ Conner, fight the Hollows, then takes place on January 11, 2016,  in the same Miss Avocet’s loop at a seaside carnival. Children had to get out of that loop before 4:30 which was the time of the Avocet’s loop closing. (If not they would get stuck in 2016 only to die quickly)
  • When everything calms down, and Baron is vanquished, Jake says goodbye to everyone, and returns home to find his Grandfather still alive. This is primarily because that event of Hollows killing Abe hadn’t occurred yet. It is also very unlikely to happen since Hollows and Barron have been killed before time. Meaning Barron would never go to Florida with the Hollow to meet Abe.

The Ending Part

  • Miss Peregrine on the other hand is hurt, so she can’t come back to her normal form to create time loops. She makes it along with other children to the year 1943. The same year when the time loop was completely annihilated with that bomb drop.
  • In the end, Abe insinuates: Even though Miss Peregrine’s 1943 loop has closed, Jake at least knew were they were. Abe offers him some international currency and a map showing the exact location of all the loops to track them down.
  • In order to reach the same time however he has to travel many time loops (that explains his hair growth) taking shortcuts that would take him to the the precise moment where they were about to leave with the ship i.e. in the year 1943 still.
  • When he finally reaches there, he finds Emma still on the ship, brooding, lost in her thoughts. For her the time hasn’t really changed.

Explanation on How Jake Managed to Meet Emma in the End

If you are vexed at how he traveled back to her, here’s an explanation of Jake’s journey from the movie.

The closest loop Jake entered was in California desert. He went into the loop and in the year “19XX” (it wasn’t told). He looked for the next loop which could have been on a different date in the same year, and was located in Tokyo. So he traveled to Tokyo, entered the loop that could have taken him further close to 1943, which was the year 1942. It’s there where he joined Navy to wait for the day of the loop from where he was supposed to enter the London loop. Two months of another wait there would have then taken him to the exact day of Sep 3, 1943 where the peculiar children were about to board the ship. So in hopes to meet Emma he didn’t actually rest at all, it was a constant struggle till he reached her year.

So that kiss in the end was justified. 😉

still from Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children movie final scene ship

Another Important Fact from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Movie

Do you remember how smug and unsurprised Grampa Abe was when Jake found him in the end? Well, partly because he knew beforehand that Jake was a peculiar too. Also he probably knew that Jake was already helping the birds.

Now, one of the major reasons why Grandfather knew that his grandson was a peculiar too was because he had listened to that phone call that Jacob tended to in the year 1943, telling him how much he loved him, and missed him.

Mind = Blown!

Anything you find more intriguing about Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children movie ? Drop it in the comments section below.

For a better glimpse into the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children movie I would suggest you read our complete thorough review here: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Review 2016. Any fuming questions post them and I will try to answer them or get them resolved.


  • Hi,

    That was really clear thank you. However there is one thing that still bugs me. Why does jake need to go from loop to loop to find Emma at the end. He has a map with all the loops and their date, why can’t he go straight to the closest one to Emma’s year?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Cassandre,

      A very good question actually! You are correct when you are thinking it would have saved everyone a lot of time if he could have just directly gone to Emma’s nearest time loop. But I think the map he is given doesn’t have a direct access or approach to a given time loop.

      Okay, even if it has, let’s assume the nearest year to that of Emma’s as 1938 (since Sep 3 1943’s was obliterated) So he has two choices. Either wait 2 years for them to come, or since we see him constantly running as there is not a minute to waste, go to another loop that brings him closer to the precise moment in 1943. So for that let’s assume there is another time loop at a different place and day in 1938 that takes him directly to 1943, to the exact moment they come out on the port. He chooses to keep scouring for Emma’s timeline, and in the process grows up a little.

      From his looks we take, he has traveled a lot. So in order to reach the precise ship moment, he must have gone through a series of loops. Unfortunately he was trying to fill in Emma with the details but is shut up with a kiss.

      So I am guessing the only logic we are left with is that there is no direct approach available.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

      • Hey thank you for that Scottshak! Definitely made a lot of it easier to grasp… however I have one last thing I’m very curious about in this story.

        At the very end, he goes and finds Emma and the other children by travelling through various loops- somehow he gets there. Anyways, he finally finds them and goes to stay with them forever (I’m assuming), however their loop made sept. 3rd, 1943 was destroyed… so how are they going to live now? Are they just going to find another loop to live in? How do they discover it? Can ms Perigrine go with them? Can she even turn back to her human form again?

        Also, what about Jakes parents? He just decides to leave them forever leaving them calling the cops and investigators wondering where he is?

        One more thing, if the children die if they stay too long in 2016 making them unable to travel into the future, how can Jake travel into the past and stay there for periods of time without simply disappearing?

        So many confusions, but the movie was so good!!!



        • Hi Nicky,

          Yes you are right the 1943 loop has been completely obliterated. In the end if you have noticed there was this scene in which Miss Peregrine turns back into her human form once again. Now she has completely recuperated and is capable of creating a new loop. So we are left with the assumption that she might try and create a fresh loop by finding a suitable location for children to exist, since the 1943 was created in a hurry. I guess the what and the how might have to wait till someone decides to create a sequel.

          Yes Jake did leave his parents, but I am guessing he might go visit them every now and then telling them all about the loop theory and how he plans on staying where his heart is.

          To answer your last question, children don’t age or stop to age when they are in “loops”, so despite them being in past or future if there is a loop they are traveling into they are fine. Also, they wouldn’t exactly die, but age quickly. When Jake was traveling through loops in the end you might have seen how his hair had grown, it was because he had aged while he spent time outside some loops.

          Hope that covers all your doubts.

          – Scottshak

    • I am thinking the loop is mobile on the ship so he can’t find it. He travels through the loops back in to to before the ship set sail. That’s my guess, anyway.

      • Hi Brian,

        The loop entry point was at Blackpool port, that small room that had led them to the carnival. I think loop entry points can’t be mobile.


  • Hi Scottshak,
    Thank you so much for this explanation.

    If I summarize the functioning of the loops :
    – If you stay in the loop and if the loop is renewed, you live the same day again and again. Only the peculiar keep memory of it, and only the peculiar who are at the right place (otherwise, all the peculiar living in September 3, 1943 would have lived the same day again and again).
    – if you get out of the loop through the passageway, you get back at “the time when you entered it plus the time you spent in the loop”. That’s how Jake come back to his father everyday.
    – if the loop get closed, every one in the loop keep living in the same time, which stops to rewind.

    The thing I don’t get is the effect on your own life. You wrote “It is also very unlikely to happen since Hollows and Barron have been killed before time.” Does it mean, for example, that if Jake had died in 1943 (before he is even born), would he never have existed ? It seems unlikely that the Hollows doesn’t kill Abe, because if so Jake would never have heard of Miss Peregrine, and would never have saved her, and so on.

    The other hypothesis is that all the actions done in 1943 have already occurred in 2016 : Jake has phoned Abe, and so on. It means that all your life keep the same, wherever she ends.
    Difficulties :
    – it means that the Hollows will kill Abe no matter what
    – it means that, for example Jake, could meet himself in 2016 when he go and meet Abe before his death 😉
    – which call does Abe have lived : the calls with Miss Peregrine and the one with Jake ? 😉

    Movies with time travel are always tricky 😉 (sorry for my english, I’m French)

    • In the books, it said that the past will always mend itself, no matter how much it is interfered with (Hollow City pg. 279-280 ). So if you kill Adolf as a baby to stop the war from ever happening, the parents could have adopted an orphan who will become Hitler, and that’s how the past mended himself. This is called a fixed timeline (I think). But since the books are different from the movies, the theory of time might be a little different.

    • you should point out that you are French at the beginning, so I would read your comment with French accent xD

  • Hi Thomas,

    Brilliant question! It made me ponder on it for a while.

    First of all, we should establish that time always moves forward. So even if one goes back and creates a ripple in a timeline, it will change according to one’s actions.

    When Jake received that phone call of Abe, it happened on the same day it always rang i.e. 3rd Sep 1943. But this time, however the difference is that after speaking to him, the loop gets destroyed completely. So, any other actions that might have happened in the past, like Miss Peregrine picking up the phone every time it rang, no longer exist in this newly created timeline. After the obliteration of that timeline anything that moved forward keeps creating new things. So even if Jake would have died at some point fighting the Hollows, Barron would have moved forward with the experiment. But then a new timeline would have been created and may be Abe would have died again in 2016 in the present, with Jake appearing there as well, (because it was his grown up version that would have died) and trying to stop it once again, only to die in 1943’s loop.

    But yes, if someone would have killed Jake in 1996 when he was a baby, then it would have changed everything. The new timeline would see Abe dying every time without Jake coming to understand anything about Miss Peregrine. But then again it is up to the author’s convenience, and his liking that nothing of that sorts happen.

    Yes, I can’t agree more to that. Time travel is utterly confusing.


  • To simplify, if only for myself, access to certain timeloop may not be available depending on the current time period. Say, there’s a gate that puts you in 2/26/1939 but it is destroyed in 3/14/1939, you’d have to path your way through available gates to a time period that has access to the gate to 2/26/1939.

  • I think a destroyed time loop can’t be accessed again. That explains why in the end everybody seemed to move on, and not rush towards a time loop that would put them at a preceding gate. But then again, it wasn’t shown properly, and we are left to brood.

  • Hi! Great work on the effort and explanation! But I cannot help wondering, at the time when Jake went to visit Grandpa Abe in the near 2016 loop, what happens or what is going on with the Jake at THAT time, in the same loop? Does this mean there will be two Jakes in the same time zone?

    If not, what about his parents at that time? if he was already lost or gone by that time it would’ve been a massive mess?

    Hope we can work together this thought has been bugging me endlessly!

  • Hi Anne,

    A very interesting thought. You are correct in thinking that there would have been two Jakes in the Final Showdown timeloop. But the reason they didn’t run into each other could be primarily because –

    Remember how Jake thought Abe was crazy and he had stopped visiting him? So in that estranged period of time, he had never really come to see him. It was probably the same span during which the future Jake pays him a visit to tell him how happy he is to find him alive.

    So to answer your second question, his parents still had Jake with them then that’s why nobody freaked out on him going away.

    We would have loved it if the director had at least showed us a glimpse of the then Jake confirming this. Like I said before, it wasn’t shown properly rather raced down to the finish line.

    Hope that answers your question.

    However, there is another crazy theory I have been thinking about all this time. But there are not enough proofs to support that. And the more I think about it, the more it perplexes me. Hear me out:

    What if Abe = Jake?

    What if Abe and Jake are the same person? Like something we saw in Predestination. Mind = Blown!

    I mean there are plenty of occasions that tries to insinuate that.

    1. Like when Emma finds Jake she calls him Abe because Jake looked just like his grandfather.
    2. Both Jake and Abe could see Hollows.
    3. If it was in the genes or something we would have expected Jake’s Dad to be a peculiar too. But he turned out to be normal and a disappointment for Abe.

    So, if we are thinking Jake is Abe, he might have had a fallout with Emma at some point after let’s say 1950. He might have come out of the loop business for a while, got hitched and produced his Dad. ( I know that sounds so wrong!) His Dad might have then married his Mom at some point, meanwhile Abe getting on with the peculiar business, which might have costed him his marriage, and Jake’s Dad hating Abe because of his disappearance acts.

    At some point then Jake would have been born, and realizing the phone call Abe would have understood that it was supposed to be his Grandson with his powers. To bring him up to speed he would then start with the easier things – stories about hollows and peculiars.

    And the story continues from there.

    This brings us to the primal question how was Abe conceived then? Well, to answer that through Jake’s Mom and Dad in the future. So basically with that insane theory, the movie boils down to nothing but Jake’s attempt to save himself from dying by the hands of a Hollow.

    I know what you are thinking though. This is crazy! This can’t be right! Trust me even I thought the same way. But then it kept boiling me up, and I just had to put this down on paper for people to notice.

    This theory is too much Predestination-ish. And I am pretty sure the writers might not have even thought in that direction. But it does let you think beyond what’s written, and that makes us think even more. Doesn’t it?

    I’d rather be thinking on such mind-boggling time theories than just put down the pen and call it quits after watching a time travel movie.


    • hi i just wanted to point out something if jake came out into his timeline in the year 2016 in blackpool, england how the hell did this boy travel back to florida with a bicycle that i don’t know how the hell he got to visit his dad.

      • Hi,

        A movie leaves a lot of things to viewer’s imagination. One cannot show timely activities in it or the movie would end up becoming very lengthy. So, in the final moments if you see Jake on a bicycle it clearly means it wasn’t the only way he traveled, that it was just a part of his travelogue. Hope that helps 🙂

          • Hi again,

            I see what you are getting at. Could be one of those flaws the movie housed, or we can think hitchhiking, maybe? Or he rang up his father who made some travel arrangements for him? The latter sounds reasonable.

            He must have had some pocket change on him to reach his home, from where he might have picked up his bicycle to visit Abe.

            – Scottshak

            • I find the whole thing confusing! The more I read the less it makes sense!
              But as to jake getting to Florida from Blackpool, I assumed he would ring up and have to find excuses how he suddenly was in England, and get money from dad to get home, but if your all saying the jake we saw at the start of the movie would still be in Florida, with his parents- in the six months before he finds his grandfather dead, how or why would jakes dad send money to a son in Blackpool son is with him right now?

              • I guess he didn’t contact his father, and used pocket change or something to get to Florida, directly went to see Abe. Then again it all gets more confusing. I really hope the writers see this forum by now 😛

    • It is mentioned Miss Peregrine that some generatins in a family skip the powers of a Peculiar So that might have happened in this Case !!

    • Hi Chan,

      It wasn’t a loop she was in. They were simply returning from the time where their loop had been destroyed by the bomb. It was more of a gateway entry and exit point that took them to the Mr. Baron showdown in and out.

      So the time they were in was more of a point where their actual loop had been destroyed, meaning no loop existed at that precise moment. It was some time after the events of Sep 3 1943. Most likely Sep 4 and they were out in the open.

      However, remember in the end we see Miss Peregrine come back to her original form, insinuating she could create a new loop yet again and then maybe take the children under her aegis once again. So that was something that was likely to happen.

      Hope that helps.

  • Hey Scottshak,

    loved your explanations, and the original post sound logical to me except of one Fact that I at least find cannot be disputed.

    I believe that Abe is dead, and only going back to the date of his murder and kill the hollow before will actually save him.

    Let me explain….

    Throughout the whole film Jake encounter “present” Baron.. the same Baron that was his doctor, and then killed his grandpa and then followed him to the 1943 loop.

    So when Baron was killed in the 2016 “a bit earlier than Jakes present” loop this does not change what have already append (since it is the future of the loop but Barons PAST)

    Try to remember how Baron complained in front of his friends towards the end how the hollow killed Abe before he had the time to interrogate him.

    Think about it, I think it makes scene,



  • Hi Ilan,

    This actually depends on how Ransom Riggs was thinking when he decided to mess with the time theory. As per Multi-verse theory every time you do something odd, it creates a new dimension and an alternate story of sorts wherein multiple versions of you can co-exist.

    The other theory deals with automatic adjustment of your past actions. That if you mess with someone’s past you can see it’s effect in the same timeline. It is also more popularly known as the Grandfather paradox.

    Since we are believing, that phone call had Abe believe that it was Jake who was going to be a Peculiar, and that their versions could co-exist in the same timeline, we take the latter theory up in order to understand this confusing concept. Meaning that everything in the same timeline auto-adjusts as per relativity.

    What happened with Abe’s well being can be justified with the Grandfather paradox, as the Hollow that was trying to kill Abe in the future had been killed at ‘some point in the past’ meaning that the future that was about to be written from that point onwards cannot have the existence of Hollow at all. So Abe doesn’t go mad, and doesn’t get killed by that Hollow at all. Those events have been erased, and time has auto adjusted itself in a Barron and Hollow free world.

    Look at it this way:

    You going back in time to kill Hitler before he was born. When you come back to your time, you will have a Hitler free world. As simple as that.

    Hope that helps. 🙂


  • Hi Azam,

    Even though the 1943 loop was destroyed, there was an entrance portal for a 2016 loop at some place, which the children took (where the Barron had taken Miss Peregrine). When they come back they are yet again in 1943 but without the loop since it was destroyed. We get to see Miss Peregrine recuperating quickly, coming to her original form meaning that she could create yet another loop for them so the children could continue to live there.

    Hope that helps 🙂


      • Hi Elle,

        When they were on the ship it was 1943 yes. But there was a loop entry point of Miss Avocet’s loop in Blackpool which took them to 2016 directly. So they alighted at the port and went straight to that carnival thingy in 2016.

        Hope that clears that doubt.

  • I think the time travel line in this movie follows the rules used in 12 monkeys… So, his grandfather dies because that’s the event that started everything, Jake never changed anything(all of his actions in the past allready happened), the grandfather in the begining of the movie has listened to Jake’s phone call and was visited by an older Jake a few months before dying, then he is killed, which make Jake’s to go through the story, do that phone call and the visit in an earlier 2016.

    This way there is only One jake, who can visit past and futures version of him (Asimov style).

    PD: like in Asimov’s novels if Jake visit a past version of him this has allready happened. So he never truly change anything, he just make decisions in a nonlinear story affecting only his future not his past.

    PPD: sorry for bad english (I’m from Venezuela)

  • Hi David,

    Thanks for the Asimov theory. If we take that into account we can establish that there is only one Jake. I guess you are prodding at multiverse theory with that insinuation which doesn’t consider time as linear.

    I, on the other hand, was thinking it had something to do with time being linear. And there were multiple suggestions to that, which makes me think it is the latter that Ransom Riggs tries to get at. (Read the answer I wrote for Ilan)

    However, like you said, we are taking into account how the future gets affected. So expounding on that further, after the destruction of the timeline in 1943, whatever gets written afterwards is an ‘affected future’. In that affected future Abe’s call was attended by Jake in 1943 when Abe was in a booth, meaning that Abe would know about Jake beforehand. That would also prepare Abe for Jake when he visits him after killing Barron.

    But yes, since the movie never showed two Jakes together, I am assuming your Asimov theory fits the bill just fine. However, such contrasting claims pushes us further in the pickle. 🙁

    Thanks and Regards,

  • Hi, pretty well written post. There was just one thing that got to me. I can’t understand how they justified how they could have entered miss avocet’s loop from 1943 when the loop hadn’t been created yet. Plus, the place where they entered avocet’s loop looked like an aged version of the building within the loop, which leads me to belive they entered the loop in the present day.

    So I’m left assuming that because peregrine’s loop was destroyed, that those in it were shifted to the present day, but that idea contradicts the statement earlier in the movie that starting in the present too long would cause them to age rapidly. They would have had to be sailing for several days to reach avocet’s loop, which id think would be too long for them not to age at all.

    This makes the idea of them existing a few months in the past, after the final conflict, without aging even more implausible.

  • Hi Casey,

    Miss Avocet’s loop was in Blackpool from where she had come running to Miss Peregrine and the children for help claiming that her loop had been taken over by Barron. When Miss Avocet was killed, and Miss Peregrine kidnapped, the only thing children knew that Miss Peregrine was being taken to Blackpool for the immortality experiment. Jake suggests Barron might have taken the boat to Blackpool, and so they chase him with the gargantuan ship.

    On their way to Blackpool Emma tells him about the loop there which was dated January 11th, 2016. Them being peculiars going in and out the loop was not the problem, the main problem was that the loop could not be repeated. With Avocet out of the equation, the loop couldn’t be reset. So, it was established that children would return to 1943, leaving Jake behind.

    Yes, you are correct when you talk about their ageing, as it was Emma who had said, “More than a few minutes in your time and the years would catch up.” However, I doubt that Blackpool was days away from Cairnholm Island, as the children were wondering if they would be able to make it in time before settling on taking the ship. I am thinking maybe few hours, and they might be ageing in those hours but not too fast I assume, or Tim Burton might have shown children grown up by the time Jake met them in the end.

    Hope that answers your question. 🙂

    • Scottshak,

      I’m with you 100% on Abe = Jake. You mention Burton doesn’t show the aged peculiars, except thy he does. Go back and watch the scene where the family shows up for Jake’s birthday. You’ll see some familiar, but slightly older faces. I’m unsure if that is a nod to Wizard of Oz-type foreshadowing, or Burton pulling a Big Fish through the time slip.

      The only thing unclear to me is if Abe’s house was a sort of mini loop/access point, or if there’s any hint to confirm the theory I came here looking to support. I need to go back and look for clues during the phone call from Abe, and when Jake gets to Abe’s. I have a feeling I’ve missed something with Jake’s coworker who gives him a ride, as well.

      Finally to add to the Abe = Jake theory, consider:
      Abe (Abraham) – Grandfather
      Franklin – Father
      Jake (Jacob) – Son

      If we were to focus on namesake, biblically speaking, Jacob is the son of Isaac (no correlation to Franklin), who is the son of Abraham. Possibly a hint of closer kinship than simply grandfather and grandchild?

      This all leads me to believe there is an allegory to the events of the halocaust. Loops being safe havens for Jews seeking to hide from the holocaust (hollowgast?), which was essentially attempting to wipe out all the peculiars.

      So if we assume the things I’ve written here are true, and really try to make the correlation, then this is fancy way of re-telling the story of Jewish people during the events of WW2. It’s a stretch of a theory, but if I really try, I’m sure I can wrap it all up in a nice package about avoiding atrocities by learning from the past.

      Either way, I believe the film was meant to leave us to debate, rather than conclusion (incase there is a sequel…Jake does make a point to mention London when he meets Emma in the end).


      • Hi Bob,

        It was really great how you extracted a beautiful allegory from the movie. It forces us to open our eyes to so many things that we don’t pay attention to. We choose to see the shallow part of everything. It’s good, at least we are thinking!

        I didn’t understand however who Isaac really is? Are you just suggesting a random name for instance? Or was there a character I missed?

        Even so, there was a line in the movie that says a peculiar’s child doesn’t have to be a peculiar or something, so if you are trying to connect Franklin to Abe, Franklin doesn’t have to be a peculiar. I surmise, it has something to do with their odd DNA wiring.


  • One thing that really bugs me is why they have to live in time loops in the first place. Is it because they don’t want to grow old and die? I’d understand if they live in loops because they’re being chased by the bad guys but since the Ymbrynns’s only purpose is to create these loops then I suppose they’ve been doing this since before the bad guys became bad guys. So, why? Don’t they want their children to grow up? Maybe I’m missing something here. Someone, please enlighten me.

    • Hi Spencer,

      Power is a funny thing. Human mind has always endeavored to extend its boundaries to see how far one’s reach is. What is one truly capable of? What things one could do?

      There is something about power that makes you want to do things. Let’s just say, you get a superpower to fly. You could argue then why would you wanna fly when you could walk to a place. But hey! We are talking about flying here!

      On similar grounds, Miss Peregrine had this superpower to control time, and she could do so in a time loop that she could create. So what are the benefits really, you ask?

      A) It’s the only place where a person doesn’t age. If you get a shot at immortality, you would definitely take it.

      B) It gives you a good vantage to learn about events. You could skip past different time loops to understand a lot of things about the past the future and the timeline itself. In a way it is educative.

      C) It’s a school of sorts for Peculiars like that of Charles Xavier’s in X-Men. So Peculiars could learn to work with others, control their power, channelize it in doing good things, and understand more about themselves, and so each other.

      D) If you remember, Enoch had mastered the art of reviving things to life. He had a whole bunch of collection with him, so it wasn’t exactly a jaded life he was leading with his nerdy collection and a hot girlfriend by his side.

      E) It would be wrong to say they didn’t age. In their short scavenging hunts they would come out of their loops to wander. Exiting a loop would cause time to catch up on them, making them age faster than a normal person. It was their choice entirely, so they weren’t held captive exactly. So I would say it’s not like “they have to” but “they wanted to” there.

      F) Everyone was allotted a job to take care of their ‘one’ doomed day. Doesn’t that feel kind of reflective, I don’t know, of our lives? A majority of the people in the world still do things that they are asked of, without questioning back. They like to just do things. They like being told what to do. Because we still don’t know what our true purpose is. We brand it ‘responsibilities’, and wake up everyday to earn bread. That is all! Don’t we do the same old thing over and over again? At the end of the day what is it we achieve that is so different to their livelihood?

      I hope the final point answers a lot of questions. 🙂

      • Hi, this has been interesting. I understand that Miss P has created this loop in an emergency just before the bomb to stop them dying if i’m right?
        And why didn’t she create a loop before then if the children are at risk?
        Are all the loops created last minute when something is about to go wrong to save the lives or are they created in other circumstances also?

        Thank you
        Look forward to your response!

        • Hi Hannah,

          The loop was created in a hurry, yes. It wasn’t perfect but it had them hidden from the rest of the world. It was serving them the purpose. Miss P couldn’t risk creating another one since Barron and the Hollows were on the prowl looking for Peculiars to eat. Even in a not so perfect world, they were perfectly hidden, and that’s what she wanted for her children – resounding safety. They were perfectly safe and hidden until Jacob accidentally brought Barron directly to their loop.

          No it isn’t like all the loops were only created because of something going wrong. Earlier, loops were created as a safety measure from Normals who were scared of peculiars. Miss Avocet’s loop I believe could be one such example.

          Hope that answers your question.

          – Scottshak

    • Hello Spencer!
      In the movie it isn’t really mentioned, but in the books it is explained that Peculiars started to take refuge in the loops permanently when Hollowgasts were created in 1908.
      Before then, they lived in loops mainly to be safe from the cruelty of Normals who were scared of them because of their powers, but they moved more freely between loops, even discovering new ones.
      That doesn’t mean that Peculiars are forced to live in loops forever, as many choose to live and age as Normals, as Abe did (although for certain reasons).
      I hope this answers your question.

  • Hello everyone! I know we are talking about the movie here and trying to explain the workings of the loops in that continuity, but I’d like to contribute with some explanations from someone who has read the books. I’ll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible.
    First of all, how is it possible that Jake’s adventure is not obliterated when Mr. Barron and the Hollow that killed his grandpa are killed?
    It is as clear in the movie as it is in the books that only Peculiars can enter the loops and therefore have memories of the days they spend there. Wights, being former Peculiars/Hollowgasts, can enter the loops too, so Dr. Golan/Mr. Barron entering the loop is accurate, as he does that in the novel too. However, Hollogasts cannot enter loops, at least not in the first book, so Bronwyn’s brother Victor was killed by a Hollow outside of the loop, and said Hollow isn’t revived every day and killed by Miss Peregrine.
    Victor’s body is preserved from decay but he stays dead, and presumably that would be the same fate of any other Peculiar, Wight or Hollowgast inside a loop, unlike Normals who are revived at reset, in both movie and books.
    It is specified by Millard in “Hollow City” that trying to change people’s fate in a loop is useless, as history is already written and will find a way to fulfill itself.
    In other words, in books-universe, even if the Hollow that killed Abe was killed in 1943 (which he is not) his actions in the present day would still be unchanged and Abe would be dead all the same.
    That is a paradox that the movie created by having a completely different ending from the first novel, and that in my opinion wasn’t really necessary.
    Also, there’s another point where the movie messed up with the books’ rules about loops.
    When the Cairnholm loop is closed, time resumes to flow normally as if it was the present, but the 1943-present.
    At the end of the movie, Jacob makes his way to the ship on the day it left Blackpool by passing through numerous loops and eventually waiting for the exact day by joining the Navy. However, if he was actually in a loop, the same day would keep repeating itself (e.g. August 4, 1943) and he would never arrive in September 4, 1943 where he left the others. If he left the loop he would find himself in his present, in 2016, unless the loop was closed permanently.
    That’s quite a big headscratcher the movie made all by itself, but then again it’s not like the books are completely devoid of them, as any other fantasy publication about time travel. Anyway, if anyone has some more questions about the movie/books differences, feel free to ask!

    • Thank you Riccardo. Thank you so much for that wonderful explanation. We needed a thorough insight from a book reader. The movie skipped a lot of things, agreed. And we were left to our imagination to work everything out. I am pretty sure your explanation must have closed a lot of doubts.


    • Hi! Thank you so much for that explanation! I just saw the movie and I just had to resolve my doubts about the time loops. So, 2 things.

      1. They only way Jake could have made it to the ship is my entering a loop near that time and then having it closed permanently, right? So… Could a Ymbryne do that? She would have to open it and not reset it… so she would be trapped in that time. She could just reopen another timeloop for her and her children and everything would be ok wouldn’t it? How does the books resolve it’s ending? Or is it a completely different ending?

      2. If the Peculiars/Hollowgasts are the only ones who can enter the timeloops, remember their time there and actually be affected by said loops, then… Isn’t it reasonable to think that if Mr. Branson and the Hollowgast that killed Abe were killed before they killed Abe, Abe would still be alive? Maybe to keep the rule you mentioned, history would still have a way of resolving itself and maybe Abe would still die but because of different circumstances. But because Jake stayed in the January 11, 2016-present he would still find him alive.

      I think the biggest error in the movie would be that they didn’t make it clear that when their 1943 loop wasn’t reset and therefore destroyed, they where in 1943 still and so they were ageing day by day. That part was what made me look up the explanation for the loops. I thought they where back in 2016 present and couldn’t understand how they weren’t ageing instantly.

      • This is the same exact thing that happened to me! I’m glad someone was kind enough to explain the whole concept, I think I finally grasped it! The movie left me with so many questions .. but then again, isn’t it exactly that what makes a movie so great!

      • Hi Manuela,

        Even though this question was directed towards Riccardo, I would like to pitch in to clear some things.

        1. Jake doesn’t have to close a loop permanently. He just has to get out of it. There are entry/exit points in the loops that he can access in order to jump from loops to a particular time. Yes, a Ymbryne is capable of creating a time loop but she doesn’t have to be trapped in it. Think of it as creating a home, where you are free to leave whenever you feel like. In the end we see Miss Ymbryne coming to her original form, which insinuates that she has recuperated and might create another loop for her children by finding a suitable place and condition. The one that was completely obliterated by the bomb was actually created in a hurry, and that’s why it had so many flaws.

        2. Yes Abe would go on to live since the loop in January 11, 2016 where the fight actually took place ends at 04:30 PM and obliterates too causing anything that moved on from thereon, to have a new timeline altogether. The following conversation might help to understand things further, “If we kill Barron, he’ll be gone, but time will carry on. He won’t go to Florida, Abe won’t die, and you can go home.”

        Yes, they didn’t make crystal clear I agree, but facts show that they were in 1943 only after they made it back from 2016’s slaughter. They were ageing yes, but slowly, (ageing really fast would happen if they would have stayed out in 2016, and they might have died quickly too) but since it was their time, the ageing would be just like how it happens for us. Gradual change over months and years!

        Hope that clears your doubts Manuela. Cheers!


    • To reply to your headscratcher Riccardo I am thinking there was another way of out of the loop that would allow you to live in its continued timeline. So if Jake wished to go to a date he could exit the loop without readjusting himself to show up in 2016 instead. So, I am thinking there’s a way to do that and it was explained by Abe to him when he handed him the book. Making getting out of loop and existing in the same year (next day of the loop) possible.

      Makes sense, right?

      – Scottshak

  • I have a question. So what happened to Victor? He was left upstairs and got obliterated when the loop closed or there is some way he survive or is brought back to life?

    • In dire times, you leave the dead to their fate. I think it is alright to assume he was completely obliterated when the bomb went off. Unless the writer has a different plan altogether we might not be able to see him again. However, Enoch’s ability to brim bodies alive might come at play at some point in the long run. Since, he was a peculiar I believe it was a mere allusion, future books might be bringing people back from the dead. With Victor we can’t really say, what happened, since the movie totally forgot about him.

    • Yes, Jada. That’s what happens in the end. However, I am pretty sure Jake can travel anytime he wishes to through loops to meet his parents. The decision is entirely up to him.

  • I’m just confused about Miss Avocet’s loop. So is her loop set in the future? The ‘normal’ timeline for that loop is 1943, that’s why the children and Jake can enter through it after their loop was destroyed by a bomb. I just don’t understand why Miss Avocet would set her loop’s date (2016) in advance of 1943. I thought a loop’s timeline was supposed to be happening in the past relative to what the ‘current’ timeline is. That’s why Ms. Peregrine had to set her loop minutes before the bomb drops so as to save the house and children. There’s no logic why Miss Avocet had to set her loop in the year 2016 relative to 1943.

    • The timeloop is just supposed to be a perfect day for the children to live in. In Miss Peregrine’s case, her children are all from 1943, so her timeloop is set in 1943. The reason it isn’t prefect is because she was forced to make the loop in a hurry (because of the bomb).

      Miss Avocet’s timeloop is in 2016 because all her peculiars are from 2016.

      Because Miss Avocet’s timeloop was taken over, she created a new portal to go from her Jan 2016 loop to Miss Peregrine’s Sep 1943 timeloop. She essentially made a backdoor that could go from one timeloop to another. A benefit of being a master of time.

  • This is very much a non-parodoxical version of a timeline – meaning that, no matter what happens, there is only one timeline and nothing that has happened can be changed. Ultimately, if you go back in time and change something, you may actually be the cause of the events in the first place. Let me explain…

    In the beginning, Jake is given a book with the post card in it (a tucked-away birthday present from his now deceased grandfather, Abe). This is an important thing to remember. A book with a post card.

    Skip ahead to Miss Avocet showing up. Her timeloop had been taken over so she created a new bridge from her timeloop in Jan. 2016 to Miss Peregrine’s timeloop in Sep. 1943.

    A very important thing to note here: The hollows in Miss Avocet’s timeloop are from the present. Miss Peregrine’s children travel from their timeloop in 1943 to Miss Avocet’s timeloop in Jan 2016 to fight Hollows from July 2016. That’s why Baron remembers all the details about Jake’s therapy. Sorry if your head hurts from that one.

    After the final battle, the Peregrine children return to a normal time progression in 1943 while Abe stays for the closing of Miss Avocet’s timeloop… in Jan 2016! Six months in his recent past!

    When Jake goes to see Abe at the end of the movie, he is visiting his grandfather BEFORE he is killed. He gets his moment of catharsis, telling his grandfather everything that happens. Abe then presents the (now early) birthday present which is a book full of foreign currencies (not a postcard). Jake takes the money (leaving the book) and finds his way back to 1943 to meet his love.

    Now here’s the kicker…
    Abe took that book and placed the postcard in it, just as he heard Jake describe in the story. Abe knew that he was going to die in 6 months and ensured that everything would happen exactly as it was supposed to.

    Jake got a postcard from Abe which set him out on an adventure which led back to his own past where he inspired his grandfather to leave the postcard in the first place.

    Now your mind’s blown.

    Abe remembered the phone call from 1943. That is how he knew that he would, one day, have a grandson with his abilities and that he would, one day, end up in Miss Peregrine’s house. All of which inspired Abe to teach young Jake all about the Hollows as well as teaching him where each of the portals are.


    • Hi Atlas,

      A very interesting theory, but I am afraid it contradicts the actual conversation that happened between Emma and Jake on the ship. Here’s an excerpt from the conversation:

      “So, there’s a loop here in Blackpool.
      It’s only six months old. January 11th, 2016.
      With Miss Avocet gone, it can’t be reset.
      Won’t the loop close?
      Then it’s back to real time.
      Jake, you know what this means, don’t you?
      You’re gonna die.
      That’s not what I mean.
      We have to get to our own time, but you don’t.
      You can continue to live in 2016.
      But why would I do that?
      If we kill Barron, he’ll be gone, but time will carry on.
      He won’t go to Florida, Abe won’t die, and you can go home.”

      This proves that Abe is going to survive after Baron is killed, and that time does change. Hope that clarifies it and possibly reroute you to a different time theory 🙂

      • yeah, it was an inconsistency there… or we can just assume that Emma isn’t sure of she was saying.
        Regarding Miss Avocet’s time loop closing, and Jake staying in January 2016, does it mean that he just created two instances of himself. Because Jake back in January 2016 should’ve already existed and was probably in their grocery store.

        • Hi Chumz,

          When Miss Avocet’s loop closed at 04:30 PM on January 11, 2016, it obliterated the timeline that was already in place. January 11, 2016 then became the present, and whatever actions Jake would have taken, would have written his present from thereon. So, his existence from that point onwards is basically defined by how Jake decides to exist. So, if Jake chose to vanish, his existence in June 2016 would be “Missing”.

          This however leaves us with what might have happened to the Jake of January 10, 2016? That’s where it makes us think of all other possibilities. There is one theory that insinuates that only one form of you can exist at one time, the “time being linear theory” which affects the time you are in. Meaning it automatically obliterates your other form!

          It’s very much possible that there were two Jakes existing at the same time, like you said, which the movie didn’t show, or might have? I would like you to think more about the Jake = Abe theory, which although contradicts the whole point is a pretty interesting theory, and answers a lot of question.


          • The theory that describes the progression of time as linear is very much relative. What I mean to say is that Jake could jump all over time and exist in multiple years, multiple times over, and even in the same time AT the same time – and this would still be true to the linear timeline of Jake (since, for Jake, his personal timeline is still progressing one second at a time regardless of what era he is in).

            Past Jake could not have vanished upon the arrival of Present Jake because it is the actions of Past Jake that lead Present Jake there in the first place. Hence the paradox.

            Similarly, Abe could not be saved because it took his death for Jake to follow the path he did. If Abe didn’t die, Jake never left, never crossing the timeline to save Abe in the first place. Again… Paradox.

            Sorry, bud… No matter how you shake it, there were two Jakes for about six months and Abe’s dead…

            • So what you are trying to say is if you invent Time Machine in the future say in 2040, and then you come back to kill yourself in 2017, the 2040 one will continue to exist? That there is no way you can change the past?

              In Gatsby’s tone, “Why, of course you can.” 😉

              As explained to Ilan before, there is something called Grandfather Paradox which I am afraid doesn’t work that way. And I am pretty sure since the movie-makers decided to go with “Abe would be alive” scenario that it is the theory that comes into play here as well. I would suggest you give a read to the Grandfather Paradox first by Googling it. A lot of your doubts might get cleared then and there.

              Sorry, to burst your bubble there, but it’s one of those proven theories that Hollywood loves to resort to. That and the causality theory, which we saw in Predestination.

              • I am quite familiar with time-travel paradoxes (including the Grandfather Paradox) and thoroughly enjoy discussing them! As such, I would never suggest being able to kill a past version of myself and still exist. And no, there is no way to change the past.

                If the movie had taken the “Abe would still be alive” scenario, it would be completely paradoxical and therefore, impossible. Abe’s death is the reason Jake left in the first place. If Abe doesn’t die, Jake doesn’t leave and would not be able to travel back in time to save Abe in the first place. This is a modified version of the Grandfather Paradox called the “Let’s Kill Hitler” Paradox. In “legal-ese,” an action cannot undo the event that inspired said action.

                I think your taking the poorly written Emma dialogue as fact and misinterpreting the ending of the movie. Firstly, Emma is wrong. Jake cannot kill Baron and prevent Abe from being killed. The version of Baron we see in the London loop is the one that has already killed Abe. We know this because he knows all about Jake’s therapy session that took place AFTER Abe was killed. Killing this Baron did not change the fact that Abe was already killed because the Baron from that specific timeline still existed and is going to kill Abe.

                Secondly, when Jake visits Abe, it is before the events of his death. Jake tells him the whole story and Abe gives him the book (not wrapped) with the money in it. Jake then leaves Abe. Abe takes the book, puts the postcard in it, wraps it, and puts it away for the Jake that hasn’t done all these things yet. Also, the visit from Jake is what let Abe know the hollows were coming for him; which is why Abe was frantically searching for a gun at the beginning of the movie. He knew it was the time of his death.

                This would have been much more clear if certain key things were handled better; namely, the incorrect Emma theory and some clarification as to the date/time we see Jake and Abe in the end.

                A caveat in your favor:
                All of these things are true in a NON-paradoxical version of time-travel (a story in which paradoxes are impossible). However, there is still the possibility of a paradoxical version of time-travel. In a paradoxical story, any time a paradox occurs, a divergent timeline is produced (think “Back to the Future II”).

                In a paradoxical story, it would be possible to kill your grandfather, kill Hitler, and even kill your past self and nothing would happen to you because you are from a different timeline. Therefore, it would be possible for Jake to go back in time and save Abe. If this is that type of story, then the Abe in the end is from a different timeline and then time loop hops his way to find Emma. All the while, Abe gets to live out his years with a version of Jake who never went on any adventure and thinks he’s a nutter.

                I don’t think that is the case, however. Everything they did throughout the movie was very much adherent to a NON-paradoxical version of time-travel. I find it more likely that the producers/director did a poor job of pulling it all together in the end.

                • I think Atlas has hit the nail on the head, the thinking I was looking for when scrolling through these discussions.
                  We can assume either the producers missed this flaw in the storyline/dialogue, or they intended the story for an audience who would think more simply about what they saw and be like “aww that’s nice Abe is alive now”, instead of being super thorough and complicated, removing all loopholes, if you pardon the pun.

      • I’m afraid I have to agree with @chumz on this one. Emma either didn’t understand how the closing of time loops works, was suggesting that Jake kill the Baron from January (instead of the Baron from the present), or the much more probable answer – the writers dropped the ball on this one and did a crappy job writing that dialogue.

  • i thougth at one point that abe and jake were the same person hahaha “interstelar” caind of thing. but that would it be to much to catch

    • Yes Carlos. At one point, even I thought so. Look at my comment below Anne’s comment. There were so many implications to that, that it was hard not to think in that direction. Let’s not rule it out altogether 😉

      – Scottshak

  • Thanks all for the explanations…1 thing didnt add up 4 me tho:
    In the end, when jake jumped through timeloops to go from jan 2016 till sep 1943 how was that possible?

    Before jumping through all the loops, he left his grandpa’s (Date: Jan 2016)—-gets into a timeloop A (Date X)—-then into timeloop B (date Y)——etc.—-reaches sep 1943.

    Leaving pt A to pt B would only get him stuck at Date: Jan 2016 not Date X or Y since the timeloops A and B arent getting closed. He isnt moving through time as once he leaves a loop to join another one is goes back to the original year (2016). The only way i see it is that he is closing every loop he’s entering.

    Can any1 explain pls.. my brain hurts..

    • Hi Waldo,

      Only a Ymbryne can open or close a loop, so let’s first establish that. All the peculiars including Jake can only enter the loop or exit it. So let’s say Jake goes into your timeloop A (Date X) he could get out of the loop and stay in Date X. So, once he is out of the loop he could look for other loops in the same year at different locations. So the next loop timeloop B (Date Y) was at a different location and at a different date, which he used to go to another timeloop closer to Emma’s.

      So this is what happened in reality as per Jake’s explanation to Emma in the end:

      The closest loop Jake entered was in California desert. He went into the loop and in the year “19XX”. He looked for the next loop which could have been on a different date in the same year, and was located in Tokyo. So he traveled to Tokyo, entered the loop that could have taken him further close to 1943, which was the year 1942. It’s there where he joined Navy to wait for the day of the loop from where he was supposed to enter the London loop. Two months of another wait there would have then taken him to the exact day of Sep 3, 1943 where the peculiar children were about to board the ship. So in hopes to meet Emma he didn’t actually rest at all, it was a constant struggle till he reached her year.

      And so he deserved that kiss! 😉

      Hope that answers your question. 🙂


      • Nope nope, the rule is that if you are in 2016 and enter a loop that takes place at another time (i.e. 1969), if u leave the loop while it’s still functioning normally then u will resume 2016 not 1969. This happens in the movie a lot when jake keeps leaving the loop(1943) to visit his father (2016).

        The only scenario that he remains in 1969 to roam around travelling as he pleases in that year is that if the loop is closed when the ymbryne dies or if it just doesn’t want to reset the loop.

        Dan , the guy who posted below, is kind of saying the same thing.

        Btw, thanks for the reply… Didn’t expect u 2 reply that fast!
        Much appreciated 👌🏻

        • Okay Waldo,

          So tell me, if Emma or for that to matter any of the peculiars, decided to leave the loop in which year would they be exiting in? Would that be 2016, of course not. You would say the same year 1943 for them but not the same day since that day would be a loop? Correct. So, I am guessing there has to be an exit point from where one could carry on into the then existing timeline. It was not shown in the movie, agreed.

          Also, Abe was a loop traveler too. He might have shared everything he knew about “traveling across loops” with Jake when he gave him the book in the end. I am guessing there must have been a way to exit a loop into the then extant time, making loop travelling possible.

          So, yes the movie left a lot of things to our imagination. On researching further, I came to realize there were different types of loops in the book as well. smh

          Hope we have a closure with that. 🙂

          – Scottshak

          • so what you’re saying is that there is a scenario where u can go out of a loop and continue on with that same year and not go back to ur original date (the date before entering the loop)….. A scenario that is not shown in the film.

              • I can shed a little light on this (using just the info from the movies). The timeloop is not just one little place, it is the whole world. Miss Peregrine’s loop was 1943. The entirety of 1943. The peculiars could have traveled anywhere in the world in 1943, and, as long as Miss Peregrine kept resetting the loop, they would live the same day again and again.

                The only way to enter/exit a time loop is through the specific portal for that loop. For Miss Peregrine, it’s the cave. For Miss Avocet, it’s the haunted house ride. etc. There is no way to enter a specific time loop except through the portal. So, if the portal doesn’t exist in that era, you can’t get to it.

                Jake finds the California diner in 2016, then hops to existing portals as he finds them. The portal in Japan was a photo booth. Maybe the photo booth was destroyed by 2016 which is why he had to hop to another time to get to it. It certainly wouldn’t exist in 1943, which is why he was looking for another one after that. Does that make sense?

                Miss Peregrine’s loop entrance was a cave and would likely exist regardless of the year – making it always accessible from any era. Clearly she was the smartest of the time-manipulating, shape-shifting, bird-ladies! lol

                • I agree by and large with this theory, that if a loops gate is destroyed or doesn’t exist you need to go to a time in which it exists to access it, but there is a hole. If it is about WHEN you entered the time loop, is the “present” WHEN you exit to, it doesn’t explain how the Kids and Miss P are able to exit into the 2016 present at the beginning of the movie. Ok so if you assume that it is because that they are keeping track of how many resets that would it has been (approx 27,000 to Jake’s time) that the gate exits to real time, but then how do they go back and forth to 1943 from the loop Jan 2016 because the “present” is later 2016. Is this maybe a part of Jake’s and Abe’s peculiarities? They can control what year they exit into?
                  And a few other questions:
                  if a loop access point is destroyed what happens within the loop?
                  Does it keep going on?
                  Are the peculiar no longer able to exit to the present?
                  Are there multiple entrances to different presents?


                  • As explained to Becki, Miss Peregrine’s loop opened in the present. The entrance and the exit always took you from 1943 to 2016 and vice versa. So if you entered the loop on say 16th Jan 2016 you would exit the same day (or depends on how much time has passed). No one could control the year in which they exit to, except a ymbryne.

                    If a loop’s access point gets destroyed, nothing would change. Because it’s an element that is not tangible. Hence cannot be destroyed. Look at it as a portal! I guess what you are trying to say is what if a “loop” gets destroyed. Then time starts to carry on normally for all peculiars.

                    Yes with the destruction of 1943 loop, time would go on to behave normally for the peculiars, until of course ymbryne finds a better location to create a new timeloop for them.

                    The last question is still under scrutiny, however we are finally settling on the theory that there is just one entrance and exit point into a loop. If you were to enter another loop you will have to go to that very location and time in order to find the loop and enter it.

                    Hope that helps.

                    – Scottshak

  • The only problem I have with it all is at the end when Jake travels through several loops to get to Emma. If he ever were to leave a loop he would be back in his own time (2016). A loop repeats the same day over and over again. So if he went to a loop in 1938, then he would be stuck there on the same day. The moment he left that loop he would either enter another loop repeating itself or go back to 2016. Its impossible for him to go to “real” time in 1943. An error in the movie.

    • Hi Dan,

      There is no error in the movie. Please see the reply above that I gave to Waldo. Hope that will clear your doubt. Let me know if it doesn’t. 🙂


    • We were having a discussion above that skims your topic. A scenario of being stuck to just one day wouldn’t arise actually. There could be a place in that particular day let’s say Japan, wherein the entry point to another loop must have been there. Using that Jake would be able to time jump to a different loop altogether, and so on. That’s exactly how he traveled from one loop to another in the end.

      Hope that helped.

      – Scottshak

    • Time repeats in the loops but the peculiar with in the loop aren’t reset, so he could travel anywhere, he wouldn’t be reset to where he was the day and the people and things around him would tho. So don’t be on a plane or something during reset lol.

  • Awesome explanations!!! Thank-you!!! Off topic though do u know who plays “younger abe” in the scenes where he talks to Miss Pelegrine, then later Jake? Ps. I love this movie!!! 💗

    • Hi Steph,

      I think it is Callum Wilson. At least that’s what shows in Wiki’s cast. He is not a renowned actor as of yet. So no images. 🙁

      Glad you liked my explanations, though. 🙂

      – Scottshak

  • Wonderful article. But here’s my take. Jake and Abe are the same person. Their timelines and life stories are the same. Jake goes back in time to see Emma, they marry, have kids, who produce a grandchild named Jake. They both exist because of Jake’s ability to alter the past, thus creating a future life for himself. Both served in the Navy. Both had the same peculiarity. There exists a possibility in that the two are the same when you take into account time travel and living.

  • I just watched the movie at home and the loop was 1943, not 1940 (which is what is was in the books, I’ve read them all). The movie also clearly stated that Jake went to a loop in 1942 and worked his way forward to Emma and the rest on the boat in 1943, including joining the military. Was this not in the theatrical version? My wife and I even went back to make sure it was 1943 because of the difference with the book.

    • Hi Derrick,

      Thanks for pointing that out. I am really sorry. It was a vague thing in the beginning and it somehow stuck. You are the first one who corrected the date. Thanks, I have made the updates.



    • Hi,

      Actually she is on her way to recuperate, meaning she can easily turn into a peregrine once again and be powerful enough to control time. This also paves way for a possible time loop creation which is supposedly ensuing.

      And those tears, I am sure those are tears of joy. 🙂

      – Scottshak

  • Hi. I’ve just seen the movie and I have this question: if Jake went to a loop in 1942, how did he move on to 1943 without destroying forever the loop in 1942 and the existing peculiars in it? Entering the 1942 loop would make him relive the same day (according to the definition of a loop), either going out of it would lead him again to 2016. Moving on with the second day in 1942 would mean destroying the loop… Which somebody was using.

    • Hi Ioana,

      We have had this discussion above actually. There is no need to destroy a loop in order to get out of it. There could be a place in that particular day let’s say Japan, wherein the entry point to another loop must have been there. And that’s how Jake was able to navigate from one loop to another in the end.

      Hope that clears that out.

      – Scottshak

    • Oohhh… I get what you’re saying…

      Jake can loop hop all he wants, going from time period to time period. However, whichever one he stops on, as a peculiar, he’s stuck in that loop. If his final stop was the 1942 loop, the Ymbryne that made that loop would still be resetting that same day in 1942 over and over again. He wouldn’t be able to just wait it out until 1943 because he would be reliving that same day with those peculiar children. Smells like a plot hole to me!

      In order to make the story work, we can postulate the answer.

      The movie shows us that, as long as the peculiars are within the loop when it closes, their time will progress normally (i.e. they won’t die). Jake would have to find the 1942 Ymbryne, convince her to allow the loop to close so he could escape, and then he could carry on in normal time and go find Emma. This isn’t impossible, since we know from Miss Avocet (and letters from Abe to Miss Peregrine) that an Ymbryne can simply make a different time-loop on a different day in a different location.

      So… Theoretically, Jake jumped to 1942, had the Ymbryne close her loop for one day (starting a new loop the next day, most likely), and he was then able to join the navy and go see Emma in 1943.

      Excellent catch, Ioana!

  • Just watched the film and there is one thing that confused me. How did the children get to 2016 to see Jane in the blown up house? I mean Jane could have been there in any year theoretically how how did they know it was 2016 and where to find him? If Jane and visited in say 2017 or 2015 for example would they still have been able to get to him? I guess the same applies in Blackpool, how could they be sure that when they left 2016 that they would go back to 1943 and not another random year?

    • Miss Peregrine’s loop opened in the present. The entrance and the exit always took you from 1943 to 2016 and vice versa. Miss Peregrine already knew about Abe’s death, and so she said she was expecting Jake meaning she knew all about him from Abe’s talks.

      Same holds true for Blackpool. The timeloop entrance portals have fixed dates where people can go into and from. It was Miss Avocet’s loop and they knew all about Avocet’s loop. The fact that Barron was taking Miss Peregrine there was hence known because she had mentioned about their experiment in her loop.

      Hope that helps.

      – Scottshak

  • Really enjoyed reading this.
    There is one thing bugging me though. At the end if the movie, Jakes goal is to reach the pier in Blackpool where he knows Emma will be on that day in 1943. Are we to believe that there is no such thing as parallel universes in this story? If Jake can chance the events of his grandfathers death (which I don’t really buy), would he then be able to meet up with Emma in Blackpool 1943 by using a lot of different time loops? I mean would these other time loops not have other outcomes? Wouldn’t there be a possibility that he showed up to an empty pier?

    If we are to believe that there is ONLY ONE TIMELINE then how could he change the death of his grandfather as Emma says he can?

  • Hi this question is really weird but I just can’t seem to understand this scene. The scene when miss peregrine wipes victor’s tear, I don’t understand what that meant, neither did I understand how could he tear up when he’s dead, and why was crying anyways ? Can you please explain to me it’s killing me to understand !

    • Not a lot of light was thrown on this, however we can establish at least this much that when peculiars die, their bodies don’t decay. He seems to have gone in a coma or something, so there is a high possibility he is consciously listening to everything going around him, but he is still dead. I know this doesn’t make sense, but maybe with the dead’s ability to shed tears, it could mean that the creators want to leave that thread open for a possibility of reviving dead peculiars. Let’s wait and watch.

    • I know that I’m jumping in kind of late here, but I just watched the movie and read this article. It broke my heart when victor cried, because I knew what it was.

      My aunt was an organ donor, and when she died her eyes were donated. Later, during the wake, tears (or what looks like tears) started coming out of her eyes. The mortician’s told my family that when the eyes are removed, this can happen if the doctors don’t properly seal up everything up when they’re done. The mortician called this effect “the weaping eyes” because it looks like the dead are crying.

      Thankfully, I was too young to remember any of this in detail. But I’ll never forget learning about “the weeping eyes”. I don’t know the details about why this happens when the eyes are removed, and I have no desire to research this subject. I just thought I would point this out since I see that a few people have asked about Victor crying.

      I’m not debunking the theory that Victor could come back to life, because who knows with this world. But it makes sense that Victor’s body would have “the weeping eyes” because his eyes were taken by the Hollow.

      I’m sorry that this is such a sad answer. But I hope it answers the confusion about the tears.

      – Kalene

      • Thank You Kalene for your inputs. It makes a lot of sense. And am really sorry to hear about that. It is quite sad and profound at the same time.

        – Scottshak

  • I Have One Question That I Haven’t Seen Anyone Else Make… If Peculiars From A Different Time (1943) Stayed In The Future (2016) Outside Of A Loop, They Would Age Rapidly As Time Caught Up With Them Wouldn’t The Opposite Be True As Well? Wouldn’t A Peculiar From Future Time De-age Rapidly If He Stays In A Past Time Outside Of A Loop? Or Am I Missing Something Obvious?

    • Hi Fernando,

      The peculiars would age irrespective of whether it’s the past or the future loop they are in, and are coming out of. If you would leave your loop, (and by that I mean any loop you are in, be it be past, present or future) for longer duration, time would catch up on you. That’s it. There’s no concept of de-ageing here.

      Hope I have answered your query. 🙂

      – Scottshak

      • Thanks For Clearing That Up, I See How Obvious It Would Be That They Wouldn’t “De-Age” If They Were From A Loop From The Past, Rather Age Significantly Relative To The Time Separting The Two Loops. That Makes Much More Sense Than What I Was Thinking. Thanks For The Response.

  • Hii Scot.. My name is Bucex. and yes I watched this movie on 2017 :’D
    I have a question that haunted me the entire movie.

    If Mr Barron created the hollow, why there’s so many of them? we know that probably there’s about 10 peoples on the room where Mr. Barron become a hollow. but at the end of the movie why they still worried about the other many hollows?

    thankyou so much

    • Hi Bucex,

      It’s really alright to watch a movie whenever you get a chance. It’s the timelessness quotient in flicks that don’t tack them to their time of creation. Really they can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere at any age. The important thing is that you watched the movie. 🙂

      To answer your question, could you please point out where exactly are they worried about other hollows? Because I re-watched the ending and there’s no mention of hollows anywhere.

      And yes you were right there were 10 of them excluding Barron, out of which 5 of them were clearly shown returning to human form after consuming eyes, Barron included. So that means there were 6 hollows in total. Out of those 6 one always hung out with Barron, who had killed Abe in the beginning. He was killed by the German bomb as they had tried to escape from the loop. One of them was shown religiously being killed by Miss Peregrine herself in her loop. That leaves us with four of them.

      The remaining four were killed by Enoch’s minions however the fourth one had somehow managed to survive, but was eventually slain by Jake before it accidentally killed Mr. Barron. So I am thinking there were no more hollows left as per the experiment.

      If you are thinking about future perils, and whether they could come with a hollow in the long run, this could be very well one apparent mistake the movie might have made. (Or they must be thinking not to make a sequel? O.o) In showing only six of them turning as hollows, they have already run out of these quintessential mercs.

      Keeping our fingers crossed though.

      – Scottshak

  • Ok, I just watched this movie and something is really bothering me. I’m 46 and have a 17 year old daughter, fairly close to the age of Jake in the movie. That would make Jake’s dad about the same age as me. For Abe to have served in WW2, he’d have to be close to 100 years old in 2016. So did Abe have kids I his fifties to be a grandfather in 2016 instead of a great grandfather?

  • So my question is this: how did they get into the Blackpool time loop?

    Miss Peregrines loop closes, leaving them in 1943, and the Blackpool loop was created in 2016, so it wouldn’t have existed yet.

    Unless we’re to assume that when a time loop is created, it’s accessible from any year regardless of when it was created?

    And, can you access a loop from within a loop? Because that’s the only reason i can think of to explain why/how jake hops from loop to loop to find Emma.

    Also, Emma’s theory about Abe being alive because they killed the hollow can be disproven by the fact that Miss Peregrine didn’t have them leave their loop when victor died to enter a different loop prior to victors death, have the ymbryne close the loop so that they would be in an earlier year, which would allow them to stop him from being killed. Or why she just didn’t do that in general to pick a better day for their loop. This in turn kind of nixes the idea that a loop can be accessed from within a loop, but then the events with jake loop hopping require that you be able to access a loop from within a loop, unless he asked every ymbryne to close their loop so that he could get to a different loop.

    • First of all we need to establish that loops are location specific. Blackpool is the place that leads them to the loop in 2016. Irrespective of which year they try to access it from they will always end up in the date specific of loop day. If they tried to exit it, it would be back in their own time. Right?

      So, even if Blackpool loop was created in 2016 it becomes tied down to its location. Meaning the entrance stays open for all time periods.

      To explain Jake’s time hopping in the end to meet Emma you could say, the Blackpool loop had closed closing all gates for him to reach 1943. So he was forced to improvise.

      He tried going to “places” where there were loop entry points, that would take him to a certain time in the past around 1940 let’s say. He goes to Japan, as I try to recall, to reach to a time that’s nearer to 1942. Then he goes to London where he spends two months before reaching the exact point where Emma and the team was going to show up. So I am guessing he has been convincing Ymbrynes to let him escape from their loops to lead a life in the time surrounding their loop dates.

      Emma’s theory about Abe being alive is simply possible because of the very fact that people and things do get affected with our actions in a particular time. The time being “linear” theory. Since they had already killed Barron and the Hollows, Jake and the team had created a different ending for everything that were to follow.

      Hope that helps.

      – Scottshak

  • oK, so i also read the books, idk what is this, but i also have a question that involves the movie too.
    Ok, i understood the fact that, if the kids leave the loop where the last ?? years have passed as the same, repetitive day, the years will ‘catch up’ them and they will die by growing up and getting old.
    On the same principle… How can Jacob/Jake live in a past where he didn’t exist? Like… how does it come he isn’t vanishing?

    • Hi Andreea,

      Years are going to catch up means one is going to age faster. It doesn’t mean that one is going to vanish within seconds, since we saw Emma, and her team coming out of their loop to help Jake and they seemed to survive fine. So it’s not like they are going to get old in a day or vanish within a day or something. It’s just ageing. It’s hard to notice unless one has spent considerable amount of time out of the loop.

      For Jake I would say this that he is from the future. So time wouldn’t actually catch up on him the way it would for others. Because Emma existed way before 1943, which was her time of existence. Now if she had tried to come out in 2016 for longer time we would have seen her become old or something within days. Since, Jake had simply come into the past, his age wouldn’t affect as much since in 1943 he wasn’t even born yet.

      But we do see him grown up a little when he meets Emma in the end. That’s because of his regular time spent outside the loops, where he had to wait for two months in London to reach Emma’s exact time slot.

      Hope that answers your question.

      – Scottshak

      • Oh…
        Well, I know what that ‘catch up’ thing means but I didn’t formulate well my question, I am sorry, I blame my bad english.
        Let’s try again :))
        What I actually wanted to mean when I said that they’ll get old and they’ll die FASTER (forgot to mention) if they leave the loop and live in the PRESENT (forgot to mention as well, sorry)
        Even Emma mentioned that they can’t spend more than a few minutes in the present without aging fast.
        In Jacob/Jake’s case, isn’t it supposed to work the other way around? Like, he would rather get younger and younger until he disappears because he isn’t born in 1943! He didn’t exist then. How does it come that time acts on Miss P.’s peculiars, aging them if they leave the loop for the present, and on Jake it isn’t doing anything?
        *sorry for my bad english…again*
        This is the thing I just simply can’t understand.

        • Ok Andreea, I understood your query.

          You must understand time’s linear theory first. It makes an allusion that says your body can exist even if you go back in time even to the time when you weren’t born. That’s how time machines are supposed to work theoretically. And has been portrayed in hundreds of time machine movies so far. The Grandfather paradox says if you make some changes in that time it will end up affecting the future you will go on to visit. Only your consequences towards your body is going to get instantly affected. Say if you made a nasty cut mark on your hand to your kid version, it would begin to show to your ‘past-visiting’ version too as a scar. Also, if you would kill yourself as a baby you would cease to exist.

          That’s the only possible way to affect yourself time traveling. You will continue to exist as your own version and there would be a different timeline for you altogether. You will continue to age like a normal person even if you were travelling in different time spots.

          Jake is nothing but that guy. So the possibility of him turning young again for visiting a time before he was born, is zero. He would age definitely, like his normal way of ageing. But he wouldn’t get any younger.

          In case of other Peculiars like Emma, they had stopped themselves in a loop, Jake hadn’t. So, to get out of the loop to live in the present would mean them quickly ageing to death. But for Jake it was normal time all along. For him to start ageing like them, he would have to stay in a loop for as many rewind cycles as would create hundreds of days in his present world. If then he steps out, he would begin to age like them.

          I think I have covered all the scenarios with the explanation. Hope I have answered your query as well.

          – Scottshak

  • I just watched the movie and read every single comment above! I think the comments are just as interesting as the movie itself 🙂

    For me the only things that makes sense are as follows:

    1. By the end of the movie there are “two” Jakes. The July 2016 Jake and the January 2016 Jake (we don’t see him at the end). HOWEVER, by July 2016 the January 2016 Jake becomes the July 2016 Jake as the events of the movie start to take place.

    2. Abe is still killed by the Hollow which accompanied Barron. This is the triggering event for everything else to occur.

    3. The whole universe is one giant loop with multiple loops within it. No matter what happens the events will keep occurring. Abe is killed by the Hollow, Jake travels back to 1943, Jake returns to Jan 2016, Abe is killed by the Hollow.

    • Yes Dom,

      I agree about the comments thing. 😉

      Considering the Grandfather paradox, what you said wouldn’t hold true. For instance, Nathuram Godse was the guy who assassinated Gandhi. Now let’s just say you built a time machine today to go back in time and kill Nathuram right before he was going to do it, you can save Gandhi, and the world then would be a Gandhi reformed place.So when you come back in your time today, you will see that Gandhi died a natural death and that there are many books written by him, and that he changed the country and the world somehow. So it’s a causal thing, because you eliminated something horrible things worked out and a new timeline is created automatically. Same thing holds true for Abe’s universe.

      The writers wrote this:

      “If we kill Barron, he’ll be gone, but time will carry on.
      He won’t go to Florida, Abe won’t die, and you can go home.”

      That means things WILL change in the newest timeline with Barron gone.

      Hope that puts away the Abe still getting killed theory.

      – Scottshak

  • it should be more interesting if Jake’s grandfather is none other than himself completing his loop over again… to ensure the timeline will not broke, he sends jake to 1943 again and explains how his grandfather knew all the closest loop which jake will take to emma….

  • I’m curious if someone can explain: we see at the end of the film that the children sail off with Miss Peregrine flying after them. I presume their next goal is to find a location and “perfect day” to set a new loop, to keep the children “safe”, right? So, how can it be that this new loop, presumably set in 1943 at some point, is not already known of in January 2016? Jake is in the possession of a map that marks a lot of loops; I don’t recall if it is the map Emma gives him in the 1943 loop, or if it is a newer map that his Grandfather is able to give him in 2016, but I am assuming that his Grandfather must have some knowledge to impart on loops discovered since 1943? Especially as since he left the 1943 loop he had been traveling the world “visiting other loops”? Also, when a loop ends, what happens to it in other times? I presume it can no longer be travelled to. So how can 2017 Jake still go back to see it if it had “ended”? And lastly: how where the children able to lure Jake into the cave at the beginning? Which time were they in? Are they able to step out of the loop and suddenly find themselves in the ruins of their house in 2016 and survive? Thanks for any illumination you can give!

  • Hi I was actually wondering how the heck A bomb that size hits a house and not blow up the whole house. Looking at the size of that bomb it should have caused 10 times the damage it did to the house.

  • Well I just want to say something cause I’ve been sitting here with my mind being destroyed by I love the book in the middle of book 2 have been meaning to read it started it in 8th grade and I’m about to be a senior and haven’t finished but the movie really ticked me off when the switched roles between Emma and olive but it gave it a more romantic aproach and another thing and this might just be a theory but in the movie anything that happened before Abe got that phone call didn’t matter and that’s when everything would come into play because let’s say at the moment Abe heard jake say I love you and call him his grandfather and Abe took it as (this is a quick reminder that Abe could’ve went back to the loop the minute the war was over because he know about the loop and he couldve been with emma) wow I have a grandson and he know right away well he’s peculiar bc 1. He was in the loop and 2.speaking to him in 1943 and him know this meant he could not return to emma bc they wouldn’t have been allowed to have kids (when inside the loop don’t age so fetus cant grow) and he must find someone anew and yet you’d think we’ll wouldn’t he want to protect them and that’s where Jacob comes into play he know Jacob would already be there to protect them there fore his only job was to keep Jacob save until he met his fate (which he must’ve know was gonna happen because how Jacob sounded on the call was of a person that regretted everything that’s happened and wasn’t able to say it before he died) and Abe knowing where all the loops were on the map let him be able to save it (along with the money and thats why you see different currencies) for the day Jacob needed to get back to them. Which strikes me did gramps always have the book ready for when Jacob arrive’s and that’s why he’s not suprised and follow me on this because I think it’ll help even it’s gonna be a lot of going forward in time and back but he’s what I got so what if when jac went to get the money in January or Ig as Abe calls it birthday present and gets ready to find emma he tells him grandfather everything and that’s how he know’s it’s the time and then six months later when he meats his fate that’s when he tells jac and the story takes off from there ( and if that’s complicated for you simple minded folks let me put it like this when he called and jac answered he know Im gonna have a grandson thats peculiar then all he did was wait until the day the future jac came to his house to tell him what happened and he’s probably informed about his death so he knows when it’s coming and as discussed you can’t change what happen’s so he sat back knowing I got 6 months till I die and until I tell Jacob and that’s when jacob will make his journey not knowing gramps already know and gets to be with emma (so I think gramps was like damn from these stories I here you love her more then I do weirdo 😂lol) and I think that’s why he had all the maps ready

  • And one more thing on how that theory of if barron and the hollow gast died Abe would still be alive well that like saying once theyre killed the loop would have never closed because he would have never been able to follow Jacob into the cave and kidnapp Mrs.peregrine and Mrs.advocate would have never died and they could’ve lived in the 2016 loop or better yet could’ve stayed at the mansion but as said it was done in his past so no matter what happend to him in a loop in a different time already happened but that’s what don’t make since because if he were to die before the loop was closed he would have never existed to do it its weird but it’s understandable

  • And just like this another thing hit me and it’s gonna explain the ending remember all the ymbrines were captured and almost all of them closed so the ones that were open he used to get to the other ones and when he got to the 1942 one that’s when he stayed there when the loop closed good possibility

  • My thing is, when they are captured in the parlor, an ymbryne is with them!
    Why didnt evesett rewind time? She just ended up being useless
    Why didnt olive set his ass on fire?
    Why didnt the twins turn him to stone?
    He can do nothing but shapeshift and has a blade hand
    I thought he’d turn into a hollow but i guess not. I mean he wants those eyeballs so bad and he just leaves a group of magical kids in a room together? Come on.
    Could easily be overcome by this lot
    I mean peregrine maintains constant preparation and apprehension, yet doesnt use her greatest unexpected weapons in the greatest time of need?
    That part just fell short for me

  • Dude I get it all and have an explanation for all, except how Jake moved from loop to loop when loops are repeatable and when you enter them. you leave them the year you entered but just further in the future. So there must be another way to leave the loop in the year it is in. That’s the question I am searching an answer for. Because otherwise it doesn’t matter if he enters a loop in 1943. How he stays in 1943 is the question and not have to repeat it every day.

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