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Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Review (2015)

Engaging, thrilling, intricate, charismatic, stellar and bloody brilliant!

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is one helluva gorgeous movie that gallops steadfast into the impossible, into one exhilarating intricate plot without forgetting its roots: nail-biting action and mind-numbing story. It moves at a surprisingly good pace that will constantly put your heart in your mouth and might give you a quick nervous breakdown if you are really fragile.

Tom Cruise looks a little lean. It is unfortunate to see the age misery gradually creeping on him. However, there is no setback in the acting department. Rebecca Ferguson walks in as a surprise with complicated written all over her. Not only is she gorgeous, but also elegant. Action suits her as well. As a disavowed individual bent on gaining recognition and getting a life, she does extremely well wearing the Ilsa skin perfectly. Sean Harris certainly cannot be forgotten as the calm villain with a genius mind constantly at work. Even though Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames get a little bit shadowed they still complete the ‘teamwork’ quotient pretty well. Simon Pegg is brilliant as ever and reprises himself as Benji.

MI technology continues to amaze us in every franchise. Even though things have not been aggrandized in this installment, you will still notice the tech working wonders for the badass team. What is downright exceptional is its plot. It unfurls beautifully as Syndicate and gives a new name to perversion.

The score is constantly racing just like the movie and keeps you on your toes. Bike scenes are pretty dope and their engine revving is sheer music to the ears. It was quite good to see McQuarrie not elongate those frames and spoil the fun in the plot. Limited action at right places is what makes it perfect.

A highly recommended flick for everybody. Go watch! Go Rogue!

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation













  • Engaging flick
  • Brilliant story
  • Constant thrill ride
  • Exceptional editing
  • Great action


  • Could have used a little more out of the world stunts

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