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Upcoming movies 2018

What Movies to Expect in 2018

With 2017 almost coming to an end, we take a look at What Movies to Expect in 2018. We have shared with you hundreds of trailers to give you a sneak peek into the future, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the coming year looks really promising. While ...
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The Intouchables Movie Wallpaper

Paying Tribute to The Epic French Biopic The Intouchables Movie

It has been like what, six years now, since the epic movie The Intouchables movie hit the theatres, right? I think a movie like this needs to be celebrated again and again no matter what year it is. And the music, ah! The music still resounds in my head all ...
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The Incredible Hulk image

The Incredible Hulk Case Study | That Betty Ross Tranquilizer

With Hulk and Thor's epic clash right around the corner, it's time to reminisce about one of the most crucial chapters of Hulk's life - Betty Ross. She's a forgotten page in Bruce Banner's life that once held steadfast to hold the entire plot of the Hulk story on her ...
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image of a young Edward Furlong from Terminator 2 Judgment Day

What is the Terminator Boy Edward Furlong up to these Days?

When was the last time you heard that name? Eddie or Edward Furlong? You might remember him as the Terminator Boy who played John Connor in the 1991 blockbuster by James Cameron. Ring a bell? I know it's hard to bring back a lost decade. Here a picture of him ...
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still of Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams as Ian and Louise in Arrival movie

Understanding Arrival Movie | Full Arrival Movie Explained with Spoilers

Finally got some time to write the explanation of one mind bender of a movie Arrival! Such a beautiful concept the movie has that it explodes you, when you figure it all out. It is a movie that teases you with its inklings until it drops the bomb at you. But ...
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before the flood movie

Before The Flood Movie (2016) | The Damage Is Done | Let’s Undo It

Before The Flood movie is an eye opener.  It kills me inside to see how inconsiderate we have been all our life, to the planet that gives us the right to live. The right to survive in it, to experience its stunning creations, to stay ensnared by its bountiful fruits ...
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