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With an intent to honor the most epic movie quotes ever written for Cinema, we bring to you excerpts from good movie scripts and great screenplays. This page isn’t limited to pensive excerpts from both adapted and directly written screenplay for movies, but tries to extract words from those dud film transcripts that didn’t do good. Then again it isn’t limited to just movies alone. Any form of short film or TV show out there that we have come across in the past, are not strangers to this leaflet either.

Celebrating Best Movie Quotes

Words are colossal. They elude judgment. That being said, our collection of the best Hollywood dialogues isn’t just confined to focus on the good movies alone. Our classic movie quotes intend to bring in front-line those that haven’t been paid attention to as well. So even in a mucky bog, you kind of get a lotus you totally overlooked.

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Them Sentient Eyes

I pay heed. With them listening ears. Perceive, with them sentient eyes. And truly feel, what I find, with one hell of a feeling heart! If something catches my attention, I jot them down. They end up here. If it tingled my guts, if it dilated my brows, if it gave me goosebumps, or numbed my head, it ends up here.

I might be just another guy, who harks with waiting ears at the silence of nothingness in words, trying to find meaning in empty words or just another soul, who wishes to find his promised one via clichéd stereotypes, or simply a heart that wishes his music to be heard, loud and clear; you can rule me out or look away. But if my compilation of movie quotes reminds you of your musings, we are much more alike than you think. Every outcome here passes through observant eyes, keen eyes of the most pensive kind.

I Am the One Who ….. Pays Attention

I am that old ragged beady-eyed person, who paid attention whilst you chomped hard on that popcorn, or giggled and missed the whole point of an important scene, whispered something to the person sitting next to you and forgot the import of the giant screen in your life, or overheard a baby cry and skipped some badass words you should have nodded to, or even worse – daydreamed, that took you away into your personal muck of mundane and bull! Rejoice! Feel lucky to have me!

Read these movie quotes, feel them tingle you and stay awesome!

Collection of Amazing Movie Quotes

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