The intent of this leaflet is to hoard Indian cinema reviews from outstanding Indian movies. Being an avid Hollywood buff, I rarely get time to watch movies with Indian roots, but whenever I do I ensure I watch quality stuff.

Indian Cinema Review

There is something dearly about your roots. It feels as if you are home. Entwined in your mother’s arms. The precise reason I care to check my roots. I squeeze some time out to watch highly recommended Indian films that I think are worth the time.

image of indian cinema written on a movie reel

Revering all the Hard Work

I fathom making a movie entails a lot of hard work. There are Herculean aspects that simply cannot be overlooked. Right from a perfect Casting to painstaking details entailed in achieving that articulate Cinematography, filling the right frames with apt Music to acing the frames with impeccable Acting, days of diligent Editing, perfecting it with an orgasmic Screenplay and then eventually binding everything together to make it all work is no easy job. I respect that! I intend to be a part of it someday. When that day comes, I will hold it closer to my heart and will never let go.

Changing face of Indian Cinema

Indian Cinema has been growing at a very fast pace. Straight from A Movie intends to celebrate some of those rare flicks that have unveiled the jaded facade of mainstream. New directors have taken over the Indian Film Industry. Different ideas are being helmed even as we speak. People who can really act are slowly sauntering towards the spotlight, and we are standing at a rare developmental plateau with arms wide open, ready to accept the change.

This leaflet of Indian Film tries to celebrate some of those rare Hindi movies that were strong enough to break the shackles of one-way thinking.

If there was an Indian film I discovered that blew my mind away, I would put it here in this column. Make occasional visits to see what this gorgeous category has amassed over a time span.

october movie poster

October Movie Review (2018) | Falling for the Fallen

October movie is a perfect paragon that reveals how every movie is a director's easel and that its actors only constitute a part of his/her storytelling. While Varun Dhawan has been known to make brainless movies in the past, I don't ...
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deepika padukone as rani padmaavati in Padmaavat movie

Padmaavat Movie Review (2018) | You Can’t Sunder a Movie From Its Audience

What could you possibly say for a movie that's dying to be seen? Trying to breathe in a world that is not of its time. Padmaavat movie tried hard to be seen, finally battled its way to fruition and was successful ...
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Qarib Qarib Singlle Movie Wallpaper

Qarib Qarib Singlle Review (2017) | Keeping Up with the Gifted Irrfan Khan

Tanuja Chandra's Qarib Qarib Singlle places Irrfan in a light we love to see him in - the ballsy carefree reckless man who doesn't hold back from talking his heart out. The flick is built on romance but the chemistry, unfortunately, doesn't have ...
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Secret Superstar movie wallpaper

Secret Superstar Review (2017) | A Mind-boggling Drama about Dreamers

Bewitching! Another gem pares out from the enthralling and artistic Aamir Khan Productions. Secret Superstar is a spellbinding tear-jerker of a drama that shouldn't be missed for the world. It is a movie about a dreamer who dreams for the stars ...
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Newton Movie wallpaper of RajKummar Rao

Newton Movie Review (2017) | A Man Doing his Job the Right Way in India

What a beauty! Newton movie brings us up to speed with the cryptic reach of corruption in India. You thought you knew where subversion lies, wait till you watch this flick. It thrives in a place that is neglected. No ...
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Toilet - Ek Prem Katha Movie Wallpaper

Toilet – Ek Prem Katha Review (2017) | Addresses a Major Issue in India

Toilet - Ek Prem Katha is not intelligently built but it tries to address some fuming questions nevertheless. It is manufactured around one of the worst problems that India still faces today, and tries to bring awareness in a way ...
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Lipstick Under My Burkha Wallpaper

Lipstick Under My Burkha Review (2017) | Hidden Lives Behind Societal Veils

Bold and ballsy! Lipstick Under My Burkha was already narrating a dozen brave tales via its revolting moniker. The good news is this movie is a perfect paragon of it. It is the second big screen project as a director for ...
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a death in the gunj movie wallpaper

A Death in the Gunj Review (2017) | Diary of the Neglected

Konkana Sen Sharma’s debut A Death in the Gunj is a beautiful take of the neglected. It is so realistic and uncontrived that it makes you wonder why Konkana didn’t pick up direction in the first place. There was a ...
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Hindi Medium movie wallpaper

Hindi Medium Review (2017) | A Satire on India’s Education System

Hindi Medium is a satire on India's current education system. While there are people who are against reservation system and wish to eradicate it completely, there are some who clearly think otherwise. Even though it's a topic debatable, that's not ...
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Sachin A Billion Dreams Movie Wallpaper

Sachin Movie Review (2017) | Sachin Hits a Six Again for the Big Screen

Sachin movie is the justice our God of Cricket deserves. It is an extraordinary biopic documentary that takes you on a joyride of your life trying to show what you deem closest - all things cricket. If you are an ...
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