The intent of this leaflet is to hoard Indian cinema reviews from outstanding Indian movies. Being an avid Hollywood buff, I rarely get time to watch movies with Indian roots, but whenever I do I ensure I watch quality stuff.

Indian Cinema Review

There is something dearly about your roots. It feels as if you are home. Entwined in your mother’s arms. The precise reason I care to check my roots. I squeeze some time out to watch highly recommended Indian films that I think are worth the time.

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Revering all the Hard Work

I fathom making a movie entails a lot of hard work. There are Herculean aspects that simply cannot be overlooked. Right from a perfect Casting to painstaking details entailed in achieving that articulate Cinematography, filling the right frames with apt Music to acing the frames with impeccable Acting, days of diligent Editing, perfecting it with an orgasmic Screenplay and then eventually binding everything together to make it all work is no easy job. I respect that! I intend to be a part of it someday. When that day comes, I will hold it closer to my heart and will never let go.

Changing face of Indian Cinema

Indian Cinema has been growing at a very fast pace. Straight from A Movie intends to celebrate some of those rare flicks that have unveiled the jaded facade of mainstream. New directors have taken over the Indian Film Industry. Different ideas are being helmed even as we speak. People who can really act are slowly sauntering towards the spotlight, and we are standing at a rare developmental plateau with arms wide open, ready to accept the change.

This leaflet of Indian Film tries to celebrate some of those rare Hindi movies that were strong enough to break the shackles of one-way thinking.

If there was an Indian film I discovered that blew my mind away, I would put it here in this column. Make occasional visits to see what this gorgeous category has amassed over a time span.

dangal movie wallpaper

Dangal Movie Review (2016) | Celebrating the Rigorous Phogats

The Phogat family finally gets the limelight they deserve. If it weren't for Dangal movie, one of Nitesh Tiwari's best works hitherto, more than half of the country wouldn't even realize a feat so colossal had happened once in their backyard ...
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parched movie wallpaper

Parched Review (2015) | Empowers Indian Women to Take a Stand

In a parochial world of male-chauvinism, parched stay the women. Parched for a little place in the world. Parched for teensy droplets of hope in a male dominant society. A rustic village of feeble minds constantly gnaws at them, laughs ...
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image of ms dhoni movie the dhoni film

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story Review (2016) | MS Dhoni Movie Doesn’t Do Him Justice

The MS Dhoni movie tries to capture the unwavering sojourn of one of India’s greatest cricketing heroes, none other than the captain cool Mahi himself. Even though there were words galore in Dhoni’s original tale, they fail to come out right, ...
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pink movie wallpaper indian movie

Pink Movie Review (2016) | Shattering Indian Societal Stereotypes

Pink Movie is exactly what India needs today. A clean wipe off to re-enter rules on our societal slate. To bend the rules that traditions have been shoving down our throats. You need to comprehend there are no rules to ...
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Rustom Movie Wallpaper

Rustom Review (2016) | Enfeebled Courtroom Drama | Celebrates Crime

Rustom is a perfect example of how tawdry cinema gets showcased in India. This is what sells, unfortunately seems to work as well for the Indian multitude. The problem isn’t with the aspiring filmmakers though; it is with the average ...
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masaan movie wallpaper

Masaan Review (2015) | Powerful Cinema Unleashed | On Love and Loss

I have been meaning to review Masaan for so long. It had always lurked in the corner of my brain as a profoundly helmed beauty that calls for unparalleled attention. So I am writing this, to celebrate it so that ...
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Madaari Review (2016) | Gut-wrenching shattering drama

Madaari boldly dares into corruptive territories of the Indian Political scene. A world so chaotic and yet so powerful that nobody bats an eye or takes a stand to point fingers at those who run the nation. An everlasting pursuit ...
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Dhanak movie rainbow wallpaper

Dhanak Review (2016) | A lovely satisfying movie | Krrish creates magic

Dhanak ambles on a gorgeous pleasant lively theme. It will hand you all the goodies on a silver platter. So, there is nothing that goes wrong or awry in the movie. So much unlike life. But it is a kid’s movie ...
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udta punjab movie wallpaper

Udta Punjab Review (2016) | A Satire to Capture Drug Addiction Issues

Entwined lives under the influence. Udta Punjab addresses drug addiction in a way that has never been explored before. THEME OF UDTA PUNJAB Udta Punjab isn’t just a movie about drug abuse, it is so much more. Drug or no ...
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te3n teen hindi movie wallpaper

Te3n Movie Review (2016) | Teen is Indian Cinema’s attempt at Montage

Thrives on stark suspense! Te3n movie retains a brilliant narrative style that lets it stay miles away from conventional cinema. It has powerful performances by a stellar cast, with great actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui working wonders for ...
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