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The Walk Review (2015)

What a lovely movie! The Walk is an exhilarating joyride.

Being one of the biggest fans of RegularJoe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), I always walk in to watch his movies with high expectations and boy, he never fails to deliver. Knowing him through hitRecord has been fun. He seems to get his audience and always strikes the right nerve. So he does with ‘The Walk’.

Robert Zemeckis can’t certainly be overlooked. His top-notch direction changes pace at crucial moments, and oscillates from grim to casual superbly. He knows which parts are important for the audience to connect. He nails each one of them with perfection. Also what was quite interesting to watch were literal similes that depicted things that crawled inside our protagonist’s head.

The music in the backdrop plays endearingly as our protagonist clumsily attempts to gather his accomplices. The screenplay of the flick is exceptional, at times poetic, which makes it sound music to the ears. There are brilliant lines that would tinkle your brains instantly.

The theme of the movie is quite light, amiable and funny, and narrated by Joe working gorgeously under the skin of Philippe Petit. The entire movie finds the narrator at every juncture, not to mention his part has been brilliantly edited. The act was downright insane per se. So the crazy theme of the movie gets justified.

There is no doubt Petit’s dream was Herculean. To punch in a thought so crazy in your head was indeed commendable, dangerous, and at the same time beautiful. But what was even more beautiful to watch was the setup. What our protagonist went through in order to nail the final masterpiece. The horrendous things he had to go through to reach it have been depicted subtly. Another thing worth noticing was how Petit has a love-perspective for the two marvelous towers. It is sad how some people don’t carry his vision.

Looking at the downside to the tale, the theme of the movie clouds the actual terror beneath the act. The craziness depicted through fun light vibes hide the horrific truth of fear and death. The humour of the movie overshadows the formidable threat that it posed to Petit.

But if you wish to have a peek inside the head of Petit, this movie is one absolutely stunning tribute to a guy with a crazy dream. A definite watch!

The Walk













  • Outstanding direction
  • Top-notch acting
  • Marvelous depiction of true events
  • Brilliant screenplay


  • Theme of the movie is light and funny
  • Craziness clouds the actual terror

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