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This category is conspicuously made to hold rare gems from Iranian Cinema. Here I intend to put top Persian films that I come across. Their movies are a revolt that must be shared with the world. I intend to keep adding movies to this list, in order to make a collection of sorts of only the best top Persian films that have ever been helmed. Wish me luck on this one!

The Salesman Movie Forushande Wallpaper

The Salesman Movie Review Forushande (2016) | Makes You Question Human Actions

Art is beyond language, beyond time. Forushande, or what it is better known by globally – The Salesman movie, is a perfect paragon of it. When you watch the actors in the movie perform so effortlessly and unflinchingly, and the director helm every minutiae of life so impeccably you can’t just applaud enough. When you find such a beautiful movie take stunning shape with all the right emotions and thoughts, ...
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