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The Angry Birds Movie 2 Review (2019) | Gets An Upgrade

The Angry Birds Movie 2 is a major upgrade in terms of humour. The first one was badly written in terms of jests, but this one, fortunately, is the exact opposite. We have plenty of good slapstick humour going around here that makes this movie a hoot.

Even though there isn’t much substance in terms of story, that they use a lot of fillers to swell it up with content, the Angry Birds Movie 2 is still quite very entertaining and will manage to bring a smile to your face.

Adorable Characters

There are tons of instances that are downright adorable in the movie. Right from the voices, to the characters that have been created to appear super affectionate.

While most of them come winging straight from the prequel, there are several others that have been created right from scratch.

One of the cutest characters to watch out for is this winking seal.

the winking seal in the angry birds movie 2

Even though it does a cameo, it is certainly one of those creatures that leave an impression coz it cracks you up. The best part is the way it goes down its hole. That had me guffawing.

Chuck’s speed has been properly leveraged this time. Given a comic touch that automatically creates funny stuff. Josh Gad‘s voice is simply perfect for it once again.

The creators also try to throw an emotional angle in the form of Silver voiced by Rachel Bloom who is Red’s counterpart in the movie. Done to append some spice to the story, Silver is a pleasant addition to the tale. Rovio Animation surely knows where to take the story to keep the refreshment going.

The Hatchlings in Movie Angry Birds

In order to swell it up with more content, we have the Hatchlings sub-plot that basically work up as filler frames. You know, just like how Ice Age used to have Scrat, or how Despicable Me have the Minions, we have The Hatchlings for The Angry Birds Movie.

the hatchlings in the angry birds movie 2

The Hatchlings are those innocent and cute characters in the flick that have their own thing going on, which they try to make as adorable as possible. However, there are many things in there that are frankly very imaginative and it almost seems as if their bit was directed entirely by another director. Then, later on, merged with the movie.

Taking a look at the content these guys to bring, you realize that it is not that high on humour, the way it is on cutesy and clumsy bits. Things are a lot more fantastical when these guys show up. They bring those cartoonish feels to the story.

You should wait to hear the voices of those new hatchlings that show up toward the end. Their voiceovers are going to literally melt you.

The Theme of The Angry Birds Movie 2 (Spoilers)

If you look at the story of the Angry Birds movie 2 there isn’t much to it. Another island (Eagle Island) pops up out of nowhere and starts bombing their islands.

Now the sworn enemies have to work together in order to shut down the threat. That is, the frenemies are supposed to forget their differences to fight the antagonist of the story, Zeta (Leslie Jones).

Psst…the good news is that she can be brought back to the good side. Leslie does a fabulous job with her voice to make Zeta and effective villain. There is a genuine genius hiding inside her head whose actions were the aftermath of a past tragedy, which is like yet another great sub-plot in the movie.

One of the sub-plots walks hand in hand with the actual plot where Red (Jason Sudeikis) and Leonard (Bill Hader) both are trying to go for glory in order to vanquish Zeta.

However, it is a fight for Red with Red as he comes to terms with himself, that he is no longer the hero that he used to be. That he can never always have all the winning moments for himself.

He tries to acknowledge someone else’s capability this time, handing over the credit to where it’s due, eventually still winning hearts by doing the right thing. That forms the crux of the main plot.

Eventually, you could say The Angry Birds Movie 2 prepares us for the long haul since you see the angry bird Red ending up becoming not so angry anymore. He has something to look forward to with the presence of a love interest in his life now.

Bothering Issues

There are certain issues that the movie carries despite being quite entertaining. If there was more substance to it, it would have become more consequential.

You could feel the movie expanding on more than one occasions as if it was scouring for content. Apparent during the final mission where you could feel it stretch without something plausible to hang on to.

Even though the Angry Birds Movie 2 retains so many things that are built on humour, sometimes it doesn’t feel funny at all. Unfortunately, there are many moments in here wherein you are just left with a smile.

You feel Sony Pictures animation still falling short somewhere. That being said, they need to still amp it up a notch to make it thoroughly entertaining.

It goes without saying that the future sequels need to work on their content more and come up with a solid foolproof movie without any loose ends.

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The Final Verdict

The movie is a hoot if you need to have something light on your platter. There are plenty of instances in here that will crack you up that’s for sure. Some characters are downright adorable and worth remembering.

You will go on to cherish characters that do a lot of fun stuff, their mannerisms and the way they deliver their lines. The CGI is outright brilliant banking on a lot of its learning from its previous part.

Recommended even if you weren’t a fan of the first one, coz this one’s a major improvement. It takes away all the uglies from the first one and turns it into something more.

Check out the trailer of The Angry Birds Movie 2:

The Angry Birds Movie 2













  • Good Humour
  • Brilliant CGI
  • Entertaining


  • A very light movie
  • The Hatchlings bit isn't as strong
  • Low on content

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