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Avant Garde Cinema needs to be celebrated. Experimental films defy conventions, and that is in itself, an act of badassery. There is confined bravery in doing mainstream. Audacity lies in doing avant garde. To think like the crowd is the easiest thing to do. To do esoteric helps sublimes your brain, shines it, furbishes it to prepare you against the worst. It sharpens it so you become smarter after every watch. You tend to use your brain more, in real life situations. To stay uplifted, and awesome, isn’t that the dream?

If you don’t think unlike them, you haven’t really thought.

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Avant Garde Cinema

Life isn’t stagnant. Everything we do, everywhere we go is actually a slightly modified version of our actions. Even though we do the exact same thing the next day, it isn’t really the same. Something or someone stops it from reiterating. If there is no one, then there is time. Time changes it, creating a new ripple that logs it in our eternity. Now, just image the horror of watching a few selective frames over and over again. It would be instantly depressing. Besides where would be the fun in that?

Keeping the innate order of things in place, we try to escape the mainstream materialism of moderation. By watching the work of extraordinary experimental film makers we try to evade life’s monotony. That’s our only respite from cliches and platitude – Avant Garde Cinema. It has the balls to do something different. And different stays revered.

Avant Garde Collection

In an attempt to fathom the out of the ordinary, we place forward Experimental films that will literally change the way you have been looking at the world. It would be more like a decrypting sojourn where experimental movies are open foe more than one interpretation.

loving vincent wallpaper

Loving Vincent Review (2017) | Perfect Homage | Full Analysis with Spoilers

Speechless! Loving Vincent movie is a work of a genius, of a combined effort of a team and a vision of directors who have immense knowledge about how to film a scene. What stands out almost immediately is the way it has been projected and portrayed on 65000 oil paintings ...
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nocturnal animals movie wallpaper

Nocturnal Animals Review (2016) | Full Analysis and Ending Explained

Speechless! Nocturnal Animals would render you dumbstruck. It is an outstanding avant-garde flick that is more art than cinema. Yes, there is art laid out in the form of poetry and if you pay attention enough you would begin to appreciate the stories they tell. Nocturnal Animals movie ends in a ...
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Colossal Movie Wallpaper Jason Sudeikis and Anne hathaway

Colossal Movie Review (2016) | Analysis and Explanation | Major Spoilers

Colossal movie isn't really a monster flick. So if you are rushing into the theatres just to see a Kaiju and Robot stand off, I would say don't. Also, if you don't like movies with hidden meanings, or if you are too shallow to understand poetic vibes, metaphors, and profound ...
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The Red Turtle Movie Wallpaper

The Red Turtle Movie Review (2016) | The Speechless Leaves You Speechless

Whoever thought the mute can't speak? The Red Turtle movie might be a film where no one talks but not for a second do you feel like you are watching a dead screen. Because in the background goes a beautiful score that aggrandizes an already fantastic tale of a shipwrecked man ...
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The Lobster Movie Wallpaper

The Lobster Movie Review (2015) | A Satire on Human Relationships

The Lobster Movie is a stunning satire. It is a metaphor on relationships, of how humans are always under constant peer pressure of finding that one true soul mate that has the same mental disability or defining characteristic as theirs. It is a society that’s divided into two major factions ...
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Arrival Movie Wallpaper still of a space ship

Arrival Movie Review (2016) | Denis Villeneuve Helms a Masterpiece

Wonderstruck! Dumbfounded! Arrival movie confounds you as it crushes dams of conventions. It is the arrival of a change, a different outlook at the word 'alien'. So many movies we have seen hitherto, all showing aliens in ugly limelight, branding them destroyers, marauders or invaders. It used to paint the ...
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the tree of life end of time sun

What Does The Tree of Life Movie Mean? | Analysis and Meaning Explained

Terrence Malick’s project The Tree of Life movie has eluded many. There are plenty of epic tree life quotes strewn across the movie that are deeply satisfying to read and feel. To say that The Tree of Life was one hell of a baffling movie would be an understatement. Since ...
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the little prince movie wallpaper

The Little Prince Review (2015) | Abounding with Stunning Metaphors

The Little Prince happened to me in the form of this movie. I didn’t have a clue, a story so colossal hid all this time from me. Le Petit Prince, the original product of the extraordinary brain of Antoine de Saint-Exupery, was published in the year 1943. It has found ...
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Anomalisa movie still wallpaper

Anomalisa Review (2015)

Beautiful and overwhelming! Anomalisa is a rare take on human insouciance towards things that one becomes accustomed to. ANOMALISA IS AN EMOTIONAL JOURNEY I have rarely seen a movie so eloquently shot to capture human emotions in the most vivid way possible. It is unafraid to scale horizons of the ...
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Still of Michael Keaton from Birdman movie wallpaper

Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) Review (2014) | Genius

Exhilarating! Extraordinary performances! Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) is an outstanding flick that tries to capture the life of a washed up actor, his continuous battle to prove his mettle in the acting world once again. Michael Keaton, the protagonist plays a character that is miffed by his ...
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